How to Generate Reviews & Testimonials At Scale with Jasper AI

Responding to reviews is important for building a solid brand reputation. Learn how review generators like Jasper AI can help you create reviews at scale.

Published on Aug 19, 2022

Customer reviews can make or break your reputation. In fact, two-thirds of buyers rely on online reviews to make an informed buying decision, making them a critical part of building your credibility, driving conversions, and ultimately boosting your bottom line. 

But here's the problem: manually responding to every review is time-consuming and overwhelming. The process is even more challenging for bigger brands, with hundreds of reviews coming in every day. 

The good news is that you don’t have to spend days or weeks writing responses to every review. Marketers can now rely on AI review generators like Jasper AI to do all the heavy-lifting for them and generate high-quality reviews efficiently. 

This post will look at how you can generate reviews in four quick steps and scale your reputation management efforts. Let’s get started. 

A step-by-step guide to generating reviews with Jasper AI

Consider this: A CRM tool named Act! has close to 400 reviews on G2. You can find several 1-star and negative reviews mixed with many good reviews. 

Now, put yourself in the shoes of a prospective buyer considering the decision to buy a monthly plan for the tool. While the good reviews tell you about the different benefits of using this CRM, the bad ones bring up some crucial pain points. The worst part is that there's no response from the brand addressing any of these problems. 

When faced with the question to pick or drop Act!, your answer is clear: the product has many problems, and the brand doesn't seem to care about its users. 

How can Act! turn things around and build a better rapport with its existing and potential customers? Simple—by using an AI review generator to create empathetic responses that make every reviewer feel heard and give every prospective buyer a sense of trust. 

This is where Jasper AI can be a game-changer. It allows marketers to generate authentic and accurate reviews at scale without breaking a sweat. 

If you want to create hundreds of brand-aligned reviews with minimal effort, follow these four easy steps:

1. Sign in to Jasper and create an account 

Navigate to jasper.ai and sign up for a new account if you don’t have one. 

2. Go to the Templates section and find Review Responder

Once you land on the main dashboard, go to the navigation menu on the left and click on Templates

Scroll down the templates section to find the Review Responder template. 

3. Add your inputs in different fields and adjust the settings

You'll see different fields to share your inputs within the Review Responder template. Jasper will generate multiple reviews based on these inputs. 

Here’s what you need to do for each prompt:

  • Add an existing review from any platform in the first field.
  • Add your business name and the reviewer's name in the following two fields.
  • Include the reviewer’s rating and the tonality you want for your response. 
  • Select your preferred language options. 

When you’ve filled all these fields, hit the Generate AI Content button.

4. Pick and copy any review from all the variations 

Jasper gives you three variations of responses for any review. You can check all the versions and copy the one you like the most. 

And now you can create responses for as many reviews as you want—good, bad, or neutral. 

Top 6 Review Generators To Automate Your Responses 

Creating automated review responses is easy, especially if you use an AI review generator. Each tool we’ve listed below offers something different to create laser-focused and flawless reviews. But before you pick one, weigh in on all your options. 

Let’s look at six of the best review generators to put review responding on auto-pilot:

1. Jasper

Jasper AI is a feature-packed writing assistant to create content that reads and feels like it's written by humans. The tool has more than 50 templates to cater to varying content needs. You can reach a global audience because the tool supports over 25 languages. 

Jasper’s Review Responder is the perfect solution for marketers looking to leave a message for every reviewer as authentically as possible. All you need to do is enter relevant information, like the review, the reviewer's name, rating, and tonality for your response. The tool will work its magic to produce three great options you can choose from. 

Key features

  • Generate content at scale at 5x the speed with Boss Mode 
  • Create content in different formats for your entire marketing funnel
  • Get quality reviews in any tone of your liking 

2. Rytr

Rytr is another AI-powered writing tool capable of generating reviews and testimonials for any industry. Start by selecting the language and tone of your review. Then choose "Testimonial & Review" as the use case and add the review title. Rytr will use this information to generate a crisp, concise review of your brand. 

Besides producing reviews, you can also use Rytr to create content in various formats, including blogs, video scripts, ads, social media posts, and SEO content. 

Key features

  • Get creative, plagiarism-free, and naturally flowing content 
  • Use AI help for different content needs, both writing and editing

3. Simplified

Simplified is a free tool with an AI copywriter for generating customer reviews at scale. You can choose from over 10 tones to bring more variety to your messages and match every reviewer's emotions more subtly. 

The tool is available in 30+ languages and works well for big brands with a global following. It also comes with built-in tools to check grammar and plagiarism. This guarantees that the reviews you create are entirely original and error-free.  

Key features

  • A free forever tool to generate as many reviews as you like
  • Get templates for different formats, like long-form content or short-form copies
  • Collaborate with your entire team on a single dashboard

4. CopyMonkey

CopyMonkey is an AI writing tool designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It offers three main functions: Amazon listing generator, product description generator, and review generator. With its simple yet intuitive review generator, you can create unique and compelling reviews for every product—and save time. 

The review generator takes a few details from you, like the product title, type, and some keywords. The tool uses these inputs to produce SEO-friendly reviews that drive conversions for your e-commerce store. 

Key features 

  • Create persuasive product reviews that sound genuine 
  • Generate hundreds of reviews, export them in a file, and upload them to your store 
  • Optimize your product listings across multiple marketplaces, like Amazon and Shopify

5. Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is another AI-powered writing tool covering over 30 content types. The tool offers versatile use cases for marketers, entrepreneurs, SEO teams, agencies, and content creators. 

You can generate authentic reviews as a customer or create responses to existing reviews in three easy steps—choose the content format, answer the given prompts, and choose the best ones from all the diverse options. Its neat interface and user-friendly customer experience make it an excellent choice for producing reviews in bulk. 

Key features

  • Save time and manual effort by generating automated reviews 
  • The free plan allows you to generate over 100 copies totaling up to 10,000 words
  • Source quality ideas for any content based on your marketing goals  

6. Tracpoint REVV

Tracpoint is a marketing agency offering an automated review generator tool, Tracpoint REVV. The tool is designed to build and boost social proof for your business with detailed customer reviews and articulate responses.  

The tool goes beyond simply generating reviews and allows you to strengthen customer relationships with prompt communication. Any time a customer drops a negative rating or review, your team gets an alert to respond and take proactive action. 

Key features

  • Manage your online reputation comprehensively
  • Get more reviews and monitor existing ones from start to finish
  • Keep your team in the loop for all reviews—good or bad

Manage your reputation effortlessly

What’s the easiest way to win a new customer’s buy-in and increase conversions for your business? Trustworthy and positive reviews. Brands can build a healthy customer relationship and establish trust with potential buyers by promptly responding to every review—good or bad. 

An AI review generator like Jasper AI makes it easy to create and respond to customer reviews at scale without spending too much of your time. 

And it can do a lot more than just generate reviews. Whether you're looking to fine-tune your copy or create impactful content from scratch, Jasper has a massive selection of templates for every format to get you started. 

Sign up and take a look at everything you can create with Jasper yourself.

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Dave Rogenmoser

Dave Rogenmoser

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Dave is the Co-Founder Jasper, a Y Combinator-backed tech company based in Austin, Texas. He is also a husband and father of 3 boys.

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