Jasper’s New Features for Marketers: What You Need to Know

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Published on Oct 18, 2023

Jasper just launched a round of new features! Now, your favorite AI assistant has become an end-to-end marketing copilot infused with company intelligence, campaign acceleration, performance analytics, and insights. The first phase of AI in marketing was really about efficiency and time savings. As marketing teams have adopted AI we’ve increasingly heard that marketers don’t just want to create faster, they want their marketing to perform better.  This wish was at the core of our decision to expand Jasper’s functionality. 

Below, we’re going to take a closer look at each of the three new features you can explore in Jasper. Then, we’ll explore what it means to be an AI copilot for marketing and the campaigns that teams build. 

Company Knowledge

In a 2023 study, Jasper found the leading reasons marketers are hesitant to try AI are generic outputs (35%) and inaccuracies (36%). Our new company knowledge hub that will reduce that factual friction. Think of it as a secure nucleus for all your content and institutional knowledge. By expanding on Jasper's brand voice and style guide training, the hub allows companies to upload positioning and strategy documents and automatically use them to create more strategic alignment in every single output.

Here are some examples of documents that Company Knowledge can house and access in new content:

  • Company information 
  • Brand positioning
  • Product positioning
  • Customer research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Campaign strategy and creative briefs 
  • Public stances

Just attach the briefs you need to your prompts as you create new content. Then the outputs are informed by the details you need without copying and pasting. You can also adapt and repurpose those briefs into different formats, languages, and target audiences.

With company knowledge, AI hallucinations about your customer and company information are reduced. You can replace inaccuracies with strategy, audience research, and competitive positioning on an output-by-output basis. 

Say goodbye to tedious document searches for a single stat from a months-old campaign brief that you need for a new press release. The hub's flexibility allows for seamless change management as your company's information and messaging evolve. And rest assured: every file and process is protected by SOC2 compliance and enterprise control measures.

An image of Jasper's Brand Voice and Knowledge Base hub
Brand knowledge at work

Team Acceleration

We’re addressing the daunting task of team-wide coordination within enterprise marketing with a feature called team acceleration. This AI-native approach to project management creates more efficiency and alignment directly within Jasper, resulting in improved content production and fewer miscommunications.

Get a high-level overview of who is working on what and the status of those assets. When it’s time for feedback and reviews on content, get a summary of all the feedback via a one-click automation. Then tell Jasper to turn that feedback summary into a revised version of the asset. 

Team acceleration is meant to reduce the administrative lift that external project management tools require and move through status updates and revisions in a more productive way — all without leaving the platform. 

It’s also possible to spin up an entire campaign’s-worth of content in a single click with instant magic (see the first image). Use a campaign brief or another centralized document as a starting point that Jasper can pull context from. Then select the content you want to create and watch the magic unfold (and time get added back to your calendar).

Image mock cell phone launch campaign management system in Jasper
Manage your campaigns better with a full production calendar

Learn more about how Jasper can help with integrated marketing campaigns.

Analytics and Insights

Once you get your campaign up and running, you need to track its progress. Digesting and acting on analytics is a pivotal part of any successful campaign, and ensuring the next one does even better. So we built a metrics suite inside Jasper. 

“Jasper has long been a cost savings tool,” said Jasper CEO Timothy Young. “With the addition of performance analytics, it becomes a revenue generating one too.”

Soon you’ll be able to see how your content is performing across a wide variety of metrics (see image below) directly in the platform. Jasper will show you what’s working and take things a step further by generating evidence-based recommendations on how to fix what’s not. When a piece of content isn’t hitting, Jasper will offer suggestions to improve it. Then you can actually automate those changes into the piece with a single click. 

Jasper analytics also uncovers content performance trends to reveal new opportunities and help guide future content strategies. By combining performance reporting, pattern recognition, and accelerated revisions, Jasper provides a clearer view of ROI for high-volume marketing teams.

An image of Jasper insights that and how AI can offer insights to you based on your data.
Get summaries of your metrics. Then act on them.

What is an AI Copilot? An Even More Capable Marketing Partner

We think it’s important to recognize why we invested in these features and what they’re meant to do/be for marketers. 

Generative AI has come up from the White House to the watercooler but the hype has been loudest in the business world. Up to this point, AI tools have been dedicated to helping users write and brainstorm faster and more efficiently. That’s largely been successful across the board: There was an 89% satisfaction rating of chatbots among 10,000 generative AI users polled in April by the Capgemini Research Institute

However, the true promise of generative AI has evolved alongside its technological capabilities over the past year. Now, we think marketers deserve a little more than content creation tools — they deserve a full AI copilot. 

But what exactly is an AI copilot for marketing?

  • It is a highly informed assistant that allows users to build, manage, and analyze their marketing strategy in one place and integrate seamlessly into the tools they use most.
  • It is personalized to a company’s guardrails and securely leverages memory of key company information.
  • It uses that memory and personalization to accomplish nuanced tasks within a campaign that transcend content creation.
  • Finally, it should enable you to continuously evolve outputs and your own strategy based on performance.

Ultimately, a true AI copilot will work as an end-to-end intelligence tool that can greatly assist not only a single marketer but their entire team. It should be a central source of ever-evolving content generation, management, coordination, and analysis across a diverse team of specialists. 

So we got to work and built these features to evolve Jasper from a writing assistant to an AI copilot meant to make marketers’ lives even easier!

“The first chapter of AI was all about speed,” said Young, CEO of Jasper. “Marketers certainly want efficiency, but they also want results. We hope to help make the next chapter of AI in the enterprise about speed and performance.”  


Expect all this extended functionality to start rolling out in beta in November to all our business tier customers. These features will get even more shine and polish in Q1 of 2024.

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Alton Zenon III

Alton Zenon III

Jasper Content Marketing Manager
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