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What Jasper Customers Should Know About the EU AI Act

Approved this month and expected to be fully implemented by 2025, The EU AU Act categorizes AI systems based on their potential risks.

Published on Feb 02, 2024

The EU AI Act

The European Union has officially approved an act they have been working on for several years with regard to the development and use of AI in the EU. This marks the world's first ever formal law that regulates artificial intelligence. The eventual law wouldn't fully take effect until 2025 at the earliest.

The Act takes a risk-based approach, which means it assesses the risk of various AI types and creates rules governing each based on that risk. Systems like facial recognition were deemed high-risk. Large language models have been categorized under the limited risk tier of response.

Under this law, the companies and organizations that produce large language models would need to adhere to transparency requirements about their foundational models including drawing up technical documentation, complying with EU copyright law and disseminating detailed summaries about the content used for training.

For applications and users leveraging these underlying models, there are two call-outs:

  • First, providers shall ensure that AI systems like AI chatbots that are intended to interact with natural persons are designed and developed in such a way that natural persons are informed that they are interacting with an AI system unless this is obvious from the circumstances and the context of use.
  • Second: Users of an AI system that generates or manipulates image, audio or video content that appreciably resembles existing persons, objects, places or other entities or events and would falsely appear to a person to be authentic or truthful (‘deep fake’), shall disclose that the content has been artificially generated or manipulated.

These rules will not take effect until 2025. 

What does this mean for the average business user of Jasper?

Most of the EU AI Act deals with systems deemed high-risk to the people of the EU including the use of facial recognition. Large language models like those used by Jasper were deemed “limited-risk” and subject to smaller scale regulation including adhering to transparency requirements and EU copyright law prior to releasing a new foundational model. 

What does this act mean for the average business user of Jasper? The Act proposes very little regulation for end-users of AI. Two points of note. 

  • First, You are not permitted to use AI to create deep fakes or impersonate someone falsely, something that is already prohibited in Jasper’s terms of service. 
  • Secondly, if you are using Jasper's API to power something like a chatbot, by 2025 you should provide clear disclosure in the chatbot experience to inform people that they are engaging with a chatbot. 

These are our preliminary readings of a rule that will be further detailed over the coming year. It does not constitute legal advice. It’s always best to consult with your own legal team in addition to this.

The White House issued its own Executive Order on AI. Learn more about its major mandates and their release dates here.

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