The Best Plagiarism Checker [2023]: Powered by Copyscape

Jasper's Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker ensures that you're creating completely original content, every single time you create.

Published on Aug 08, 2023

The Jasper Plagiarism Checker is powered by Copyscape, the world's most advanced plagiarism detection system used by millions worldwide. It makes it easy to check if any of the text in a document has been used anywhere else online, ensuring that you're creating completely original content, every single time you create.

How to run a plagiarism check with Jasper

  1. Inside of your Document, click the Plagiarism checker button in the top right toolbar.
  2. Choose the text you want to check.
  3. To check all the text in a document, click Scan document.
  4. To limit the plagiarism check to a smaller section, highlight a section of text and click Scan selected text.
  5. If text is found elsewhere, you'll see the text and site appear in a dropdown. You can visit that site through the provided links.
  6. If you choose, you can then edit the text of your document to remove any sentences found on other sites.

What is Copyscape?

Copyscape is an online plagiarism detection service that helps users identify duplicate content and check for originality. It was launched in 2004 by Indigo Stream Technologies, and it has become a popular tool for writers, publishers, and website owners who want to ensure the uniqueness of their content.

When given a piece of text, it can quickly determine if there are any instances of similarity or potential plagiarism which is so important in today's age of ever-increasing content production.

If using Copyscape outside of Jasper, users can pay for a premium version that provides extra features like an API integration for automated scanning and monitoring of large volumes of content.

Using Copyscape can help content creators and website owners maintain the originality and integrity of their work, avoid duplicate content penalties from search engines, and ensure that their content is unique and authentic.

How does Copyscape work?

Copyscape uses complex proprietary algorithms to scan search results (Copyscape uses Google and Bing as search providers) for existing and plagiarized writing.

In most cases, a plagiarism checker works by comparing a given piece of text with existing content from various sources to identify potential instances of plagiarism. Here is a general overview of how plagiarism scanning typically works:

1. Text Comparison

The plagiarism scanning software analyzes the text that needs to be checked for originality. It breaks down the text into smaller segments, such as sentences or phrases, and compares them to a vast database of existing content.

2. Database Comparison

The software compares the text segments against a wide range of sources, including websites, articles, academic papers, books, and other documents stored in its database. It looks for similarities, exact matches, and paraphrased content.

3. Similarity Index

The software calculates a similarity index or a plagiarism score for each segment of the text. This index represents the percentage of text similarity between the submitted content and the existing sources. Higher similarity scores indicate a higher likelihood of plagiarism.

Why do I need a plagiarism check?

Due to the quality of our AI engine, it's highly unlikely that Jasper will write text written elsewhere. However, many of our users find value and peace of mind in running text through a plagiarism checker after completing a document.

Additionally, many users paste in content from other sites as a starter and want to be sure none of that original content is leftover at the end.

Is there a maximum amount of words I can scan at a time?

We recommend you limit your checks to under 3,000 words at a time. You can check up to 50,000 words in one run, but the quality slightly decreases as you check more words.

When I see matches in a search, does that mean my content has been plagiarized?

Our plagiarism checker finds similar content online but does not make judgments about which page is the "original" or whether content has been copied from another page. When a match is found, it could be that: one page has copied from another, that one page is legitimately quoting another, that both pages are quoting from the same external source, or that similar phrases happen to appear on both pages by chance.

It is up to the user to sift through each case and determine the nature of the similarity found. Please see Copyscape's Guide to Online Plagiarism for further information on identifying and responding to website plagiarism.

What should I do if someone has stolen my content?

In defending your rights online against plagiarists, it's important to be both vigilant and proactive. Copyscape's Guide to Online Plagiarism includes basic easy steps you can take to prevent and respond to website plagiarism.

How can I tell the plagiarism check to skip parts of my Jasper document?

You may instruct Copyscape to refrain from checking for copies of certain parts of your web page. This is done by adding a  <!--copyscapeskip-->  tag at the beginning of the section you want to be excluded and adding a <!--/copyscapeskip-->  tag at the end of that section.

Note: This skipping works in one direction only – it will not prevent Copyscape from finding this content on your page when searching for copies of other pages.

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Krista Doyle

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