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Our AI document templates make it easy for anyone to create a customized resume template that stands out from the competition.

With just a few simple clicks, you can turn your work experience, skills, and qualifications into an impactful document that impresses employers. Just give Jasper information about you and your experience, then it will create a resume template using your information.

How to Generate a Resume with AI in 4 Easy Steps

  1. Open a new document in Jasper.
new document creation in Jasper
  1. Search for the Resume template in the “What do you want to create?” form.
searching for the resume template in Jasper
  1. Give Jasper information about you and your career. The form also gives you the option to use AI to write each resume section.
Jasper resume generator template

  1. Click on “Generate now” and Jasper will build your resume!
resume generator final output

Jasper Features You Can Use for Your Resume

Quick Content Generation

By providing your career information to Jasper, you enable the AI to create a tailored resume for you. Jasper uses the details you input about your work experience, skills, and qualifications to generate a personalized document that is designed to impress potential employers.

By following simple steps and inputting your information, Jasper can efficiently compile a professional resume template that showcases your strengths and capabilities. This streamlined process saves time and ensures your resume is well-crafted and impactful.

Give Jasper the information it needs, and let it handle the rest to help you stand out in the competitive job market.

Brand Voice

Jasper’s Brand Voice feature is incredibly effective for building consistency across all your documents. You can create a custom Brand Voice by copy and pasting content, uploading a document or letting Jasper scan any website (yours or others’). Jasper will be able to match the tone and style of your content, making it extremely powerful for creating any kind of content—not just your resume.

Benefits of Using an AI Resume Generator

Using a resume generator offers many advantages. First off, it can save you the time and frustration of piecing your resume together manually. It also ensures that all of the necessary information is included in your resume, organized logically, and well-written. A resume creator can be an invaluable tool for any job seeker looking to make their application stand out from the crowd.

  • Saves time and frustration by automating the resume creation process
  • Ensures all necessary information is included and well-organized
  • Helps in crafting a well-written resume that impresses employers
  • Increases the chances of making your application stand out from others
  • Customizes the resume template based on your specific experience and qualifications

Build Your Resume Today with Jasper

With Jasper's resume generation capabilities, you can be confident knowing that your resume will not only look great but also communicate your value effectively so that potential employers take notice.

Create your resume now with Jasper document templates.

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How to use Jasper's resume generator

Open Jasper Chat

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Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about you and your career.

Get your new resume instantly

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Answers to
Resume Generator FAQs
What is a resume generator?
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A resume generator is an online app or piece of software that provides users with interactive forms and templates for creating a resume quickly and easily. It helps you create a professional, job-winning resume in minutes.

Where can I create a free resume?
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Sign up for Jasper's free trial for an easy resume-building experience. Its user-friendly platform, with interactive forms and templates, helps you craft an impactful resume effortlessly.

How do I use a resume generator?
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Simply select the template you want to use after creating a new document in Jasper. Then, fill in your information and voila! Download your completed document or copy and paste Jasper's output. You can then save your finished resume to your computer, print it off, or apply for jobs on sites like Indeed.

What do resume scanners look for?
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A resume scanner is a tool used by employers to quickly sift through resumes and identify top candidates based on specific criteria. These scanners look for keywords and phrases relevant to the job posting, such as specific skills, qualifications, and experience. By optimizing your resume with relevant keywords, you increase your chances of passing through these scanners and getting noticed by hiring managers.

What keywords get your resume noticed?
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Keywords that get your resume noticed are ones specific to the job you’re applying for. This includes technical skills, industry-specific terminology, certifications, and relevant experience. Using action verbs and quantifying achievements can also make your resume stand out. Tailoring your resume with keywords from the job description is crucial. For example, if you are applying for a marketing position, including keywords like "SEO," "social media analytics," and "brand management" will help your resume get noticed by both resume scanners and hiring managers.

Remember, the goal is to match the language used in the job posting to increase your chances of getting recognized.

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