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How to use Jasper's Instagram hashtag generator

Open Jasper Chat

Ask Jasper to write anything via Chat, including lists of hashtags.

Enter your prompt

Give Jasper information about your post.

Generate relevant hashtags

Watch as Jasper creates a list of hashtags instantly.

Answers to
Instagram Hashtag Generator FAQs
What is an Instagram hashtag generator?
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Hashtag generators for Instagram are tools that generate recommended hashtags based on the content of your posts. They quickly search through millions of tags to give you the best, most relevant keywords with potential to increase your reach and grow your following.

How do I find hashtags?
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The easiest way to find hashtags is to use our Instagram hashtag generator. Just enter a keyword, and our tool will generate a list of hashtags ideas. You can also browse through trending topics on Instagram or search relevant tags to get started.

Do hashtags work for Reels?
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Absolutely! Using high performing hashtags can help increase your reach on Reels and attract more likes, comments, and followers. Try out our hashtag generator today and find out what a difference it can make!

How many hashtags should you include?
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It’s generally recommended to include fewer than 30 hashtags per post so as not to appear spammy or irrelevant. Try finding 10-15 engaging tags that accurately describe your video, story, or photo and stick with them.

How do I find hashtags for Instagram Reels?
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Use our Instagram hashtag Generator to quickly come up with relevant and trending Reel specific tags in minutes. We use an advanced algorithm to identify the best keywords and provide you with a list of suggested hashtags that are sure to drive engagement with your posts.

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