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Are you tired of staring at a blank screen, struggling to craft compelling emails that drive action? Say hello to Jasper – your AI-powered email generator! With Jasper, you can craft effective emails for marketing, sales, engagement, and more in just seconds.

Save Time, Boost Results, Achieve Consistency

Are you ready to take your email game to the next level?

Save Time: Jasper's sophisticated algorithms can create captivating email subject lines and entire emails in just minutes. No need to spend hours brainstorming anymore!

Boost Results: Say goodbye to mediocre engagement. Jasper's AI platform is designed to optimize your emails for better engagement and higher open, click-through and conversion rates.

Achieve Consistency: Maintain a consistent brand image across all your email communications with customizable templates. Goodbye, brand inconsistencies!

How to Use Jasper’s Email Generator

  1. Open a new document in Jasper.
Jasper email generator example
  1. Under Categories, choose Email to view Jasper’s email generator tools. Select an Email template to fit your needs. In this example, we’re writing a Newsletter.
Jasper email newsletter generator template
  1. Enter the Theme for the Newsletter and then the Key Content. You can use Jasper’s AI in this step to automatically generate an outline for your email.
Jasper email generator templates example
  1. You can add more information to tailor your email to your target audience. Jasper will give you suggestions you can easily select.
target audience for email newsletter
  1. Click on “Generate now” and Jasper will build your email!
AI email generator example

Writing Email Subject Lines with AI

Jasper is an AI-based content and copywriting tool that generates on-brand, original content from scratch. Our platform has multiple templates to create the perfect headline, product description, emails, landing pages, and email subject lines.

By inputting your company or product name, desired tone of voice, and the purpose of your email into Jasper's templates, it crafts a selection of captivating email subject lines. These can be used as is or fine-tuned to meet your specific requirements.

You can play around and try a different tone of voice that entices subscribers to open your emails. For instance, a professional tone of voice will generate a more direct subject line, whereas a secretive tone will allow you to generate curiosity amongst your subscribers to see the email's content.

The best part about Jasper is that it isn't just restricted to being an email subject line generator. Besides the subject line, its email marketing templates help generate a compelling email body and Call To Action (CTA) in less time. If copywriting isn't your strongest suit, an AI email generator is a great tool in your belt.

Jasper Features You Can Use When Generating Emails

Quick Content Generation

There are days when it feels nearly impossible to focus long enough to finish your writing tasks. Whether it involves crafting concise copy or developing extensive content, discovering the precise sequence of words that accurately expresses your intentions can be a considerable challenge.

Using an AI writing assistant like Jasper can be incredibly effective. Simply input your topic and provide Jasper with some details to guide its understanding of your objectives.

Jasper can read everything about your email topic on the internet. It analyzes information on your chosen topic online (from news articles, blog posts, Reddit forums, Wikipedia, and many other places) and drafts unique content for you. What might take hours to do, Jasper completes in minutes. 

Different Tones and Styles

Jasper's tone selection feature allows you to tailor your content to diverse audiences without altering its core message. Effortlessly transition your text from a casual and friendly tone to a formal and informative one with just a click.

Content Repurposing

What you write as a long-form blog post might work for an email newsletter, but you’re going to have to switch up your formatting so that it’s more digestible for those reading it. Different platforms have their own nuances and each audience responds differently to content types, so you’re best off writing natively for the channel you’re using.

Fortunately, Jasper makes repurposing your content a breeze. Using your existing content as a starting point, Jasper allows you to reformat your content for email newsletters, while conveying the same message.

Creating Content in 25+ Languages

Leveraging sophisticated AI software for translation tasks can dramatically reduce your workload and open up your content to new audiences.

Jasper’s powerful technology can read and write content in over 25 languages. This includes Spanish, Japanese, French, Chinese and many other languages. Say goodbye to inaccurate Google translations!

Benefits of Using an AI Email Generator

Using an AI email generator tool like Jasper offers a number of benefits to enhance email marketing efforts. Most importantly, it saves time by quickly creating engaging email content, from subject lines to compelling body text and effective calls to action. Jasper makes it easy to generate content in various tones, styles, and languages, catering to diverse audiences. \

For those with limited copywriting skills, an AI email generator serves as a valuable resource to boost creativity and productivity, ensuring your email campaigns stand out and drive better engagement. 

  • Improves productivity by saving time on creating email marketing content
  • Easily adjusts the tone and style of writing to match your target audience
  • Helps improve email open rates by writing engaging subject lines
  • Offers efficiency in creating subject lines, body text, and calls to action
  • Affordable solution compared to hiring professional copywriters

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With its AI-powered technology, Jasper can help you save time and effort in creating compelling email campaigns. No more struggling to come up with catchy subject lines or engaging body text – let Jasper handle it for you.

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How to use Jasper's email generator

Open Jasper's Commands template

Commands will let you tell Jasper to write...anything!

Enter your prompt

Tell Jasper what you'd like to see in your email.

Watch Jasper write your email almost instantly.

Get an engaging, unique email in seconds.

Answers to
Email Generator FAQs
What is an email generator?
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An Email Generator is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily create personalized emails. It can help you increase sales, reach new customers, and more.

How does an email generator work?
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An Email Generator works by using AI technology to generate tailored emails based on your input. You can enter details such as the recipient's name, subject line, content, and more to create a unique email.

Is there a free email generator?
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Yes! Jasper's email generation tools are free with a 5-day trial.

What is the best email generator?
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There are many AI-powered tools for creating emails. However, we recommend Jasper as it gives you the ultimate control over the final result. You can specify the content of your email so that it's custom to you and your audience, write in any tone or from any point of view, and generate email content in over 25 languages.

Is using AI to write emails ethical?
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Using AI to write emails can be considered ethical for several reasons. AI can assist users in crafting more personalized and relevant messages, ultimately enhancing communication. Email generators can also help reduce human error and improve overall email quality.

As long as users are transparent about the use of AI in generating emails, it can be a valuable tool that enhances productivity and effectiveness without compromising ethical standards.

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