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Jasper is an artificial intelligence platform that helps marketing and sales teams create high-quality content faster. Stop chasing word-count and start pursuing ideas.

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Meet the AI Content Platform for Business

Custom AI Workflows

Use workflows and templates to turn one piece of content into a whole campaign.

Collaborate With your team

Invite team members from all around the world to work together on content and see updates in real-time.

Tailored Billing & Usage

We’ll customize a plan to meet your unique needs, plus unlock all your word credits up front.

IMPROVE efficiency

Streamline content production

✓ Brainstorm fresh marketing ideas

✓ Finish first drafts 10X faster
✓ Empower every teammate to create content

"We use Jasper with our team because when you're in the creative process, writer's block is a real thing – Jasper helps our team breakthrough that. We recommend Jasper to any teams that create content often!

Helen Sharp, CEO of Be Influential PR
Helen Sharp
Founder & CMO of Be Influential PR

Optimize content for creativity and ROI

✓ Generate sales content that converts higher

✓ Write original, long-form content optimized for search
✓ Create royalty-free AI art that matches your message

“Jasper allows my paid media team to create fresh ads in minutes, not hours, enabling us to run so many more tests than we otherwise could. It’s creating high-converting copy and is now indespensible to our marketing team.”

Adam Robinson
Founder & CMO of Retention.com

What can Jasper write for you today?

Generate Content For:

Generate months of engaging social media content in minutes

Create super-engaging posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter with our AI-powered content tool, Jasper. Quickly generate new content, or rewrite old posts, to grow your likes, followers, and comments.
Come up with very clever Instagram captions in seconds
Stay top of mind with lots of content, everywhere.
Publish unique ideas, even in saturated niches
Scale-up content with the most efficient social media workflow

Brainstorm fresh ad copy and skyrocket conversions using AI

What if AI could generate 10 unique ways to position your product instantly? Jasper is trained on famous direct-response copywriting techniques and high-converting examples to write creative ad copy for your brand.
Jasper is your secret weapon for reducing CAC and boosting ROAS
Generate compelling ad copy that drives leads & sales
Brainstorm dozens of new ways to position your product
Publish new creative before ad-fatigue hurts performances

Produce high-quality blog content at 10X speed without scaling a team

Jasper read a huge amount of the internet, so it can write very informed about pretty much anything. If you want to write SEO-optimized content fast then Jasper's your guy.
Generate helpful, well-said content that is rewarded by Google
Refresh old content for better readability & rankings
Improve your writing with better vocabulary, creativity, and tone.
Ensure content is free of plagiarism & spelling mistakes

Write emails that capture attention, sound professional, and get replies.

Collaborate with AI to rewrite your emails to be more engaging, easier to read, and make you look good.
Rephrase boring email scripts into personalized messages
Write newsletters that are informative in your tone of voice
Empower sales reps with AI to improve email effectiveness
Feel confident when you press send with your AI assistant

Sell the sizzle, not the steak –
Jasper write copy that converts.

Jasper is amazing at writing product descriptions that don't just showcase features – it talks to your customer's soul and deepest pains & desires.
Brainstorm new angles to position your product for promotion
Quickly generate great product descriptions for lots of SKUs
Write copy optimized for Shopify, Amazon, Etsy, and more...
Showcase your product's features in a new way that drives sales.

Accelerate your KPIs
with Jasper

time reduced spent on 1st drafts
Output of high-quality content
ROI Using Jasper
Better copy, content, and conversions.

“If you are a business owner, a copywriter, a content creator, a marketing specialist, and you don't have Jasper AI in your toolkit just yet, I highly recommend that you check it out.

It'll save you time, give you ideas, help make your social better, your ads better, your website content, better, your content creation, your emails...

...all of these will improve by getting ideas, by saving you time, and helping you take your content and copy to the next level.

I highly recommend it to all my clients and I highly recommend that you check it out as well.”

Austin Netzley
CEO of 2X

Gamechanger for my company and for me

The bigger we've gotten and the busier we've gotten, I have found that I haven't had the same creative space or time to produce content. And Jasper's been there to help us produce more content faster.

It is a brainstorming tool, like a sidekick to help me become creative or even write better copy for landing or sales pages,  which in turn leads are showing up more pre-sold because of the content being put out.

I highly recommend it. It has been so important for us as we continue to grow our company.”

Michael Chu
CEO of Champion Development

Jasper creates high-converting ad copy

“I'm constantly doing A/B tests. Jasper AI allows me to create the B version in seconds or minutes, but not hours, which allows me to run so many more tests than I otherwise could. It's creating high converting copy. I absolutely love it.”

Adam Robinson
CEO of Retention.com

“Whenever you're writing a lot of copy, the creative process, writer's block is a real thing and it's helping us get past that. So we love Jasper AI and recommend it for anyone that has an amazing business!”

Helen Sharp
CEO of Be Influential PR

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Jasper G2 business award badges
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