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Tyler Shaule

Get inspired by authors who turned their ideas into books with the help of their AI assistant, Jasper.
Expert to Author in Less Than a Week

Expert to Author in Less Than a Week

How to Use Artificial Intelligence Software to Write Your First Book
Tyler Shaule
Tyler Shaule

Is this the year you are finally going to share your message with the world?

Stop letting all those old excuses hold you back from writing a book. It’s easier than you think. This guide will teach you how to author your first book without even writing it…

Never thought about writing a book? Maybe you should consider it. Publishing a book will give you expert status, increase sales of your products or services and give you a platform to share your message.

Writing and publishing a book has never been easier. You can do it in a week with the help of easily accessible artificial intelligence software.

This guide will teach you:

  • The best kept secrets to turn your expertise into an attention grabbing book
  • Smart writing process hacks
  • To use high tech AI to write full chapters of your book for you
  • How to self-publish
  • Three ways to use your new book to get your more leads, sales or clients
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