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What is ChatGPT and How is it Different from Jasper Chat?

What's all ChatGPT buzz about? Here's what businesses should know about OpenAI's latest innovation and how it differs from Jasper Chat.

January 25, 2023
What is ChatGPT and How is it Different from Jasper Chat?
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What is ChatGPT and How is it Different From Jasper?

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a natural language processing tool made by OpenAI that allows you to have human-like conversations with an AI chatbot. The GPT-3-based language model helps users with all sorts of tasks, like:

  • Answering simple, Google-style questions
  • Writing copy
  • Generating code
  • Writing creative stories

The major draw of ChatGPT is that it's currently free since it's being used for research purposes by its creators: OpenAI, an AI and research company. OpenAI also released the much-talked-about DALLE•2, a popular AI art generator, and Whisper, an automatic speech recognition system.

How can I use ChatGPT?

You can use ChatGPT for free at chat.openai.com, you'll just need to create an OpenAI account.

What is Jasper Chat?

Jasper Chat is a chat-style interface for engaging with Jasper through conversational AI.

We developed Jasper Chat because while generative AI is an incredible technology, there can still be a learning curve when it comes to formulating the right prompts to get the best outputs.

Jasper Chat removes much of that learning curve by making it easy to converse with Jasper as you would talk to a human assistant. AI is officially more accessible.

Learn more about Jasper Chat's features, benefits, and pricing here.

Jasper vs ChatGPT

"Vs" is not the right mindset here. Both are great conversational AI tools that can be used for different purposes.

OpenAI is an incredibly powerful source and partner to Jasper, our AI content platform. Still, the two AI chatbots do have a few differences.

How Jasper Chat is different from ChatGPT

Like ChatGPT, Jasper Chat is a new, more conversational way of interacting with generative AI in Jasper. Instead of having to think in commands or strict prompts, you can converse with AI and refine responses with each engagement.

OpenAI is a partner of Jasper's and GPT 3.5 is one of the language models we use in our platform. Jasper Chat is different than ChatGPT in that it is built for business use cases like marketing, sales and more. But both interfaces offer a way to make AI much more accessible to the audiences they serve.

What OpenAI has created in ChatGPT is nothing short of incredible, but there’s still work to be done with that technology to make AI practical and usable for everyday businesses. Where ChatGPT ends and we begin is in two key places:

1. Business Use Cases

First, we tailor learning models for practical use in businesses - building both the interfaces and the original workflows to make AI more accessible for everyday use.  

2. Interoperability

Second, we source from OpenAI and a collection of other models(e.g Neo X, T5, Bloom), including our own - our software is able to distinguish the best combination of models for a specific use-case or industry. This intersection and informed selection helps companies avoid over-dependence on any one source and makes outputs better.

Open AI is like an engine for creating proper patterns of words that will generate human language thought in written form but it is entirely generic. Jasper tailors the language to specific use cases.

This is just like any human needs to learn how to leverage generic language and apply it to specific use cases. Humans learn how to write as children and then learn how to specialize that writing to tasks at hand. 

Jasper tailors the generic language to the marketing or business use case at hand. With more than 100,000 business users, the outputs you get from Jasper Chat will be more relevant to businesses and their customers.

What can you create with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a jack-of-all-trades. We've seen people use it for everything from writing TV scripts to generating Python code. It also does a great job at answering simple questions, like Google but a little more straightforward.

Future predictions for ChatGPT creations

ChatGPT functionality has a lot of similarities to Jasper's, so we predict people will continue using it for both business and personal creative work.

How people are using Jasper

Jasper's best use-case today is content-forward marketing and sales teams at scaling companies. But the diversity of our user-base is exciting:

  • 7-year-old “Devon” who wrote a children’s book with Jasper and his mom. The book now sells on amazon and his mom (Chrissy Carol) used it to teach him about building a business.
  • Heads of departments at SentinelOne, Iheartmedia, Morningstar and other companies using Jasper to scale.
  • Marketing agencies using Jasper to adapt their knowledge and lexicon quickly to a wide range of clients enabling them to leap between health industry clients, manufacturing clients, finance and other drastically different fields.
  • Single users with great ideas who struggle to convey them due to language barriers or learning disabilities.

ChatGPT users will be able to generate much of the same work!

How does ChatGPT work?

OpenAI used Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF) to teach its language model. With the help of human AI trainers, it was exposed to interactive conversations between humans and virtual assistants, a great way for the model learn how real-life dialogue works.

But don't take our word for it, HuggingFace asked ChatGPT itself to explain RLHF.


Will ChatGPT replace Google?

ChatGPT was created to hold a conversation with the user. A search engine indexes web pages on the internet to help the user find helpful information they're searching for.

ChatGPT (currently) isn't able to search the internet for information. Instead, it pulls information from the data it was trained on.

But won't Google still penalize content created with ChatGPT?

Google penalizes low-quality content. And frankly, we agree that it should. This is far more about quality of your writing than about the tools used to create it.

If your AI-written content is low quality and doesn’t help readers, it’ll get dinged. If your HUMAN written content is low quality and doesn’t help readers, it’ll get dinged. There’s nothing inherent about the way that AI content is written that leaves a fingerprint, but any reader can suss out shallow writing.

So, don’t take a set-it and forget-it approach to writing with ChatGPT or other AI tools. Use AI to give you the time to invest more into research, original ideas and the substance behind your words and your content will do well on search like so many of our customers have. 

The key word is “assistant”.  AI assistants are not AI writers.  They help you, they don’t do it for you.

Why are some people worried about ChatGPT and generative AI?

Here are a couple of big questions we hear a lot from people who are skeptical of AI tools.

Will ChatGPT and AI writers replace human jobs?

Like most technological advancements - including the internet itself - this is going to shift our economy and job market. We can't speak for all AI tools, but our intent for Jasper is that it will be used to help writers get off the mindless content farms so they can spend more time developing ideas than chasing word count.

We’ve seen Jasper enable writers to act more like editors and content strategists, producing content that helps their companies or organizations grow. We’ve also seen it help companies that don’t have enough resources keep up.

Just as every Industrial Revolution has changed the course of how we work, over time we will adapt to the new tools at our disposal and the new shape of the economy. We believe that this transition is an important one and will open up new opportunities.

What about the ethical implications of AI tools?

Jasper and most other AI tools like ChatGPT were built to help professional creators better convey their ideas, and firmly believe it should never be used to spread hateful content which is a violation of our terms and conditions.

To address this, we have a series of prevention methods and a process for removing bad actors. Both are necessary because, while we do everything we can to prevent the creation of harmful content, Jasper is a platform to facilitate the use of artificial intelligence to create content, it does not control the artificial intelligence itself. The AI in Jasper is sourced through a number of language models. 

Our proactive measures include a clear acceptable use policy, onboarding training and a content content filter for both our text generation and image generation capabilities that prevents the use of certain terms in generating images or writing.

While that content filter should catch the most extreme cases of misuse, it is not infallible and there will be cases where we need to step in and terminate someone’s access to Jasper. Addressing bias as humans’ use of AI grows is going to be hard, critical work and we need to invest to combat it from the very beginning sharing our approaches, challenges and lessons learned with other AI companies and organizations as we go. 

Is ChatGPT a good or bad thing?

ChatGPT may one day be the go-to assistant to help us with everyday tasks. But before we invite it into our lives, some technical details need sorting out - such as making sure AI/ML models are trained and fine-tuned correctly. We're not quite at a stage where AI is taking over yet, but according to OpenAI's Altman human-like intelligence in machines might not be that far away — so stay tuned.

Intrigued by conversational AI? Try Jasper Chat.

Learn more about Jasper Chat's features, benefits, and pricing here.

Jasper is an AI content platform that helps creators break through writer’s block, create original imagery, and repackage content into different formats, tones and languages.

Founded by marketers, it leverages several LLM models and fine tunes them for business use-cases, accelerating the production of blogs, ad variations, email sequences and more.

Try it out and let us know what you think!

Jasper Chat and ChatGPT FAQs

Will using Jasper Chat count against my usage credits?

Jasper Chat usage will not count against your credits during our beta period. Once it is fully rolled out and out of beta, we may connect usage of chat to credits and will communicate so in the product.

Can I use Jasper Chat or ChatGPT like Google search?

No. Similar to ChatGPT and other Chat interfaces, Jasper Chat is not a search engine and any facts in its responses should be fact-checked.  Responding to informational queries is not its purpose, helping you communicate an idea through writing in a range of formats is.

How much does Jasper Chat cost?

Jasper Chat is included in Boss Mode and Business Plans. If you are on starter, you will need to upgrade before being able to engage with chat.


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Krista Doyle is a writer-turned-SEO-nerd based in Austin, TX. By day she manages technical SEO and performance content right here at Jasper, by night she builds niche affiliate sites and explores Texas with her wife and their dog, Franklin.

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