Top 10 Speedwrite Alternatives for Content Creation in 2022

Looking to make the switch from Speedwrite to meet your content production needs? Here are the 10 best Speedwrite alternatives you can choose from.

Published on Aug 22, 2022

Ever wondered if there was an easy way to produce content at scale without the hassle of coordinating with tons of writers or dealing with writer’s block?

The good news: there is.

Your writing skills might be top-notch, but somedays the amount the time it takes to create content can slow you down.

Whether you’re a blogger or a marketer looking to create SEO content, with tools like Speedwrite, you can automate the content creation process to generate quality content in every format—be it blogs, essays, website copies, social media captions, or emails. This free tool paraphrases content around a topic to produce fresh and original pieces at the click of a button. 

But Speedwrite doesn't offer many advanced features to make content production easier for you. It’s best for beginners and lacks the option to change the style and tonality setting to customize the content for your needs. Besides, it can’t create content from scratch; it can only paraphrase text. 

Various Speedwrite alternatives can make up for all the features the tool lacks to churn out quality content from scratch. So, we've rounded up the 10 best tools you can try instead of Speedwrite to speed up your content creation workflow. 

What is Speedwrite? 

Speedwrite is an automatic text generator to create unique content on any topic. The AI-driven tool can paraphrase any text into fresh content to help users produce quality content quickly and effortlessly. The tool intelligently analyzes your text to convert it into a fresh, reader-friendly piece. 

You can simply paste any text on a topic and hit Predict to transform it into an original piece. The tool also does the legwork to add suitable line breaks and enhance your content’s scannability. 


10 best Speedwrite alternatives with better features

Speedwrite might not be the best tool if you’re looking to create content from scratch. Plus, it doesn’t offer options to moderate content tone, style, and language. In that sense, it works as a more basic text generator. 

If you want to use an advanced writing tool, here are the top 10 Speedwrite alternatives to try:

1. Jasper 

Jasper is an AI writing tool powered by cutting-edge technology to create original and high-quality content at scale. The tool can do wonders for you to produce high-quality blog posts and conversion-optimized copies—thanks to its integration with SurferSEO. 

What's more, Jasper offers over 50+ templates to make life easy for you. You can pick a template for your desired format and hit the ground running in a couple of clicks. 


  • Multiple use cases for writers, marketers, agency owners, and entrepreneurs 
  • Available in 25+ languages to level up your content localization efforts 
  • Training courses are available to best leverage the tool for content marketing


  • Isn’t a good fit for technical content
  • Requires manual fact-checking


Jasper offers several flexible pricing plans ranging from $39/mo Creator to custom Business plans for an enterprise-level solution.


2. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a feature-packed AI tool for writing and editing content. The tool can work with writing themes, including creative, marketing, and academic content. It combines various features for grammatical accuracy, styling, and tone to produce original content automatically. 

You can also integrate your ProWritingAid account with multiple tools like Google Drive, Gmail, Medium, Wattpad, and more. 


  • Many customization options to leverage the tool as per your preference
  • Powerful reporting function to stay on top of your content production pipeline
  • A complete suite of editing tools to create content automatically 


  • Doesn't help in creating content from scratch; it offers suggestions to refine existing content
  • No free version; expensive for the average user


$20 per month, $79 per year, and $399 for a lifetime subscription


3. Rytr

Rytr is an AI-driven writing assistant that generates content for varied purposes. You can pick a relevant use case from over 30 options, enter your inputs and preferences for the content, and then wait for Rytr to deliver the output. The tool offers 30+ languages to add a global touch to your content marketing campaigns. 

You also get more than 20 options for the tone of voice to strike the right chord with your audience. The best part is that the AI assistant pays special attention to content readability and meaning to ensure you don't end up with regurgitated content. 


  • Use scientific formulas like PAS to produce on-point copy and content
  • Manage all your content on a single platform and collaborate seamlessly with your team
  • Equipped with an SEO analyzer and plugins to integrate the tool into your workflows


  • Free version has a very limited number of words 
  • Known to produce random ideas on a topic 


Saver at $9/month, Premium at $29/month


4. Simplified

Simplified offers a suite of products to run end-to-end marketing campaigns. The tool offers an AI writing assistant to generate text for several formats, like blogs, ebooks, product descriptions, and social media posts. You get over 50 templates and more than 10 tones of voice to create content that resonates with your audience. 

Simplified goes beyond marketing to help you plan, organize, and schedule posts on different platforms. So, it doesn't end with content creation—you can effectively help distribute the content once it’s ready. 


  • Combines your copy and textual content with design and media 
  • One-stop destination that meets your marketing goals with AI-powered content creation
  • Helps your team collaborate and work in real-time on multiple projects


  • The interface is not intuitive in some places, making it difficult to navigate 
  • Free version has very limited opportunity to generate content


Free version, Small Teams at $12/month, Business at $24/month, Growth at $99/month—all up to 5 members


5. is an automatic text generator that produces premium content in a few clicks. The tool promises excellent outputs in just three steps—create a new project, add the main points to cover, and find the best choice from various options. You also get a generous amount of words to create content, even with the free version. is designed primarily for writers, social media managers, and email copywriters. But you can easily use it to create sales copy, an ad, or other formats of content. The content is intuitive and matches your expectations regarding tonality and accuracy. 


  • User-friendly interface to remove any points of friction 
  • Personalize content for any topic 
  • First Draft Wizard to write fresh and plagiarism-free content 


  • Some elements of the interface can be confusing
  • Inconsistent quality 


Free version, Pro plan at $49/month

6. Outwrite

Outwrite is a writing assistant tool with advanced editing capabilities to create error-free content automatically. You can add your team members and collaborate with them in real-time to produce and paraphrase content for any goal. 

You can use Outwrite as a Chrome extension to make your content grammatically flawless. It offers ease of use to create and refine your pieces with its powerful AI functionality.


  • Meaningful content free from grammatical errors 
  • Suggestions for style and structure enhancement 
  • Real-time collaboration options to keep everyone on the same page


  • No templates and tone of voice options
  • Limited functionality when compared to competitors 


Free version, Pro at $9.95/month, Teams at $7.95/month


7. Copysmith

Copysmith is an AI writing tool that produces compelling copies for websites, landing pages, emails, product descriptions, ads, and other formats dedicated to e-commerce businesses. Besides writing copies, the tool comes with a Campaign Builder feature to manage an entire marketing campaign from start to finish. 

Copysmith generates content built to convert. It also allows you to pick a relevant template and produces high-performing copy. 


  • Single platform to create and manage copy in multiple formats 
  • One-click content creation functionality for maximum convenience 
  • Intelligent editor to pinpoint and eliminate the minutest errors 


  • Credits expire when left unused 
  • Not the ideal tool for creating long-form content like case studies


Starter at $19/month, Professional at $59/month, Enterprise at custom pricing


8. Quillbot

Quillbot is an advanced article rewriting tool to paraphrase existing content into fresh pieces. The tool gives you several customization options to refine any content and produce a better quality version. You can choose from several modes to produce more laser-focused content with options like ‘fluency’, ‘creative’, ‘formal’, and ‘simple’. 

What's more, Quillbot comes with a built-in plagiarism and grammar checker. So, you can vet the content for accuracy and originality within the same dashboard. 


  • Vocabulary enhancement suggestions to improve word choice 
  • Extensions are available for Google Chrome and MS Word for ease of use
  • Summarizing tool to trim down any piece of content into a summary


  • Doesn’t offer any templates for specific formats 
  • Can’t create content from scratch 


Free version, Premium plan at $8.33/month billed annually



Hypotenuse.AI is a content creation platform for writing high-converting copy and impactful content for any industry. You can produce original content in three easy steps—select the format, add relevant keywords and contextual information, and generate your content.

Hypotenuse.AI offers a suite of products, including an AI article writer, a product description generator, and an Instagram caption generator—making it the perfect platform for every marketer, writer, or agency. 


  • Requires minimal inputs to write detailed and relevant content 
  • Provides an API to integrate the tool into your website or product seamlessly
  • Personalizes content and copy to fit your brand voice and target your ideal readers


  • Limited options for content creation in terms of format and style
  • Some AI-generated content can seem too random and meaningless 


Starter at $29/month, Growth at $59/month, Enterprise at custom pricing

10. Wordtune 

Wordtune is an automatic content generator designed to accelerate your writing process and create content in bulk. You can use this tool to rewrite any content or change its tonality from casual to formal (or vice versa). Besides, it also allows you to shorten or expand any content. 

Wordtune has an in-app grammar corrector to ensure your copies are flawless. Plus, you get multiple options to pick the best version for any piece. 


  • Do more than just paraphrasing with features to modify tone and length
  • Intuitive suggestions to convey more meaning with each sentence
  • Real-time collaboration available for remote teams 


  • Main functionality is limited to paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Free plan doesn’t offer enough features to test the product


Free version, Premium at $9.99/ month billed annually, Premium For Teams at custom pricing


Pick the best Speedwrite alternative

The market is filled with AI writing tools and automatic content generators. Speedwrite is one of the many options you can consider to produce or paraphrase the content. But if it doesn't fit the bill, you can try any of these 10 Speedwrite alternatives to do the heavy lifting. 

Comparing these tools will tell you that Jasper is among the most powerful and feature-packed Speedwrite alternatives. It can create content in any format, niche, and style in a few seconds and meet your content needs whether you're a writer, business owner, or marketer. Try Jasper today to get started.

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Austin Distel

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