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Published on Nov 30, 2023

Forrester, a technology-focused global market research company, predicts that 50% of tech executives will seek external partnerships in 2024 as the AI gap widens given the breakneck pace of the technology’s development. Execs will turn to service providers because they’re already heavily invested in the field. Why? Because they can offer enterprises the necessary tools, alliances, and expertise to help marketing leaders and their teams harness generative AI, engineering prompts, and AI-integrated applications. 

“Savvy tech execs will recognize that this AI movement is an opportunity to rethink external relationships and will work to find a healthy balance between overly dependent outsourcing and co-innovation partnerships,” wrote Matthew Guarini, Forrester VP and senior research director.

We want time-strapped enterprise marketing teams to stay ahead of the curve. We also want to connect them to experts who can fill knowledge and implementation gaps for them. So we rolled out the program to get ahead of this demand as AI advances: our Jasper’s Solutions Partners.

Our goal is to connect your team with experts who can assist in everything from training to ensuring your campaign content stays on brand to managing data privacy. These partnerships can give you and your team lots of time back each month, as you no longer have to worry about the nuances of being a technical admin —everyone can simply create and do their best work freely. 

“AI's rapid development is creating a widening knowledge gap between what's possible and what's required to effectively implement it,” said Jasper’s Director of Partner Marketing Al Biedrzycki. “We believe AI-powered service organizations can help bridge the innovations of AI to actual business utility for their clients through education, training, marketing strategy, technical services, and more.”


Our partners have six major areas of service. Learn more about the specifics and use cases of each one below.


Definitions and use cases of the program offerings  

Now that you’re aware of the potential impact and implications of AI and companies trusting partners to manage it, let’s look at how the Jasper Solutions Partners Program can help you get ahead of the curve. 

AI Change Management

What is it? 

AI change management helps businesses effectively integrate AI into their operations. It encompasses comprehensive management of the entire change process, ensuring that all stakeholders within enterprise marketing teams are comfortable with the integration and possess a clear understanding of its tangible benefits. By providing a structured approach, AI change management enables marketing teams to navigate the complexities of AI implementation smoothly and successfully. 

Use case

With limited expertise in AI implementation, your team is faced with the challenge of navigating the complexities of change management while ensuring that the integration aligns with your long-term business goals.

So you partner with an experienced AI change management company to offer a customized change approach, tailored to your specific goals and vision. By leveraging human-centered design principles, the partner company ensures that the AI tool is seamlessly integrated into your existing marketing processes, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.

Throughout the implementation lifecycle, the partner company takes ownership of the change program. They provide guidance and training to your marketing team, empowering you with the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilize the AI tool. By having an experienced partner handle AI change management, your time-strapped marketing team is relieved of the burden of managing the intricacies of AI implementation. You can focus on your core marketing responsibilities while leveraging the expertise and guidance of the partner company.

AI Training and Workshops

What is it? 

Partners offer AI training and workshops to help enterprise marketing teams maximize their creative and strategic potential through the adoption of AI. These tailored experiences cover best practices, strategies, and limitations of the technology. Each immersive and effective workshop can be delivered on-site or digitally, ensuring flexibility and impact. Embracing AI training and workshops is crucial for enterprise marketing teams to drive success in today's dynamic landscape.

Use case

You know generative AI is the answer to improving efficiencies for your team. You know how to use it, and maybe many members of your team do too. But aligning the team around your business’s use cases and how Jasper’s functionality fits within your team’s workflows takes time and effort. Partnering with a Jasper partner for training can alleviate the work of building an optimized training plan, offering learning resources, and answering questions. This way, your marketing leaders, IT teams, and other professionals inside your busy company can save time and focus on other important tasks. 

Our partners can conduct custom-tailored workshops that align with your team's specific needs and goals. They'll reduce the learning curve and time to adoption by breaking down the intricacies of Jasper and generative AI as a whole. They'll illustrate its benefits and guide you in identifying AI pilot opportunities within your organization. 

Brand Strategy

What is it? 

Jasper works well on its own but it’s even better when you optimize it with your brand voice and tone. However, organizations need a defined brand strategy and detailed style guide to be able to get the most out of the platform. Partners can help build new branding and style guides or audit an existing ones. In the end, those investments can help you get more out of your Jasper experience.

Use case 

Let's say your company is a leader in your corner of tech with a well-established brand style guide, but it hasn't been updated in a few years. The marketing landscape has evolved, and your messaging, while solid, needs a refresh to better engage your target audience and stand out in the highly competitive market. Or maybe you're going after a specific submarket/customer base that responds better to an editorial tone outside your norm.

A Jasper partner can step in here. They can audit your existing style guide, conduct market research, and identify areas that can be enhanced. They can create updated brand guidelines, focusing on a more dynamic, conversational tone for example, one punctuated with submarket-specific jargon to showcase your expertise but in style most appealing to our target audience.

All this allows your content to resonate more and the improved messaging strategy leads to an increase in engagement rates. With this adaptation, your business is able to get the most out of Jasper. A branding partner can help ensure your messaging is not just consistent, but also impactful.

Fully Managed Marketing Services

What is it? 

When tapping Jasper’s Solutions Partners, companies gain access to a specialized team capable of managing their marketing strategy from angles like dynamic SEO tactics, social media management, email marketing, and advertising. This level of expertise ensures that your unique business goals are met with tailored solutions that adapt to a global, national, or local market scale, even for e-commerce businesses. 

Partners can alleviate the need for a one-size-fits-all strategy, offering instead a set of customized solutions that cater explicitly to a company's individual needs. By delegating their marketing services to a Jasper partner, enterprise teams can ensure a streamlined, white-glove, and results-oriented approach to their marketing efforts.

Use case

Imagine you're part of a dynamic enterprise marketing team at a multinational company that recently adopted an AI tool to enhance your marketing strategy. However, your team is facing challenges with the proper integration and utilization of this tool due to time constraints and other responsibilities. 

Jasper's experienced partners will step in to optimize the use of this new tool for your team. They’ll pilot the AI tool's integration into your marketing strategy and oversee its full execution, covering everything from social media management to email marketing and advertising. This not only eases your workload but also ensures that the AI tool is utilized to its maximum capability, leveraging its features to tailor your marketing strategy to meet your unique business goals.

Jasper Optimization

What is it? 

This partner service allows for the creation of a seamless, tailored AI experience that is synchronized with the unique voice and style of your brand. The Jasper partner acts as a guide, ensuring that as your business scales, Jasper's performance is not just maintained but optimized to provide maximum efficiency and increased ROI.

Enterprise marketing teams can expect a fine-tuned and dynamic AI tool, capable of mirroring the company's brand voice and integrating effortlessly into their existing workflow. With a Jasper partner, you're not just investing in a service, but in a commitment to ensure Jasper's capabilities grow in tandem with your business. This partnership makes Jasper a powerful asset for your marketing team, enhancing creative input while maintaining human oversight. 

Use case 

Imagine you are part of a bustling marketing team preparing for a major product launch. Your task list is overflowing: updating product information on the website, planning and executing a dozen social media posts, crafting a compelling press release, and delivering a series of related blog posts. Amid all this activity, you’re also expected to leverage Jasper to its full potential and ensure consistency in brand voice across all campaign elements. 

An optimization partner can help ensure your unique voice and style is consistent across all that content. They will keep your knowledge base updated within the platform, fit with all the nuances of your brand, your industry-specific jargon, and brand tone. Then, every team member using Jasper can sound on-brand as they build out your marketing materials.

As a result, Jasper becomes an extension of your team, generating on-brand content at scale and ensuring consistency across all campaign elements. This partnership not only enhances your team's efficiency across a huge product launch with a ton of moving parts but also ensures a high-quality, on-brand content generation that scales with your business.

Technical Implementation

What is it? 

Technical implementation offered by Jasper Solutions Partners empowers enterprise marketing teams with seamless integration of Jasper into your existing or new operational technology stacks. This service is far more than a simple setup and FAQ doc — it's a promise of continuous, specialized support and maintenance, designed exclusively to align with your business context.

By leveraging this service, enterprise teams can capitalize on the unique advantages of oversight on privacy and governance compliance as well as IT empowerment. This ensures that your business not only stays on the right side of regulations but also fully harnesses the power of your IT resources.

Use case

Does your team have an IT specialist on call to oversee Jasper’s integration into your tech stack? This is no small endeavor and marketing teams — or enterprise companies as a whole — may not have the extra headcount to support these important functions. 

This is where partners become very important. An expert partner can allow an enterprise company to oversee technical implementation across a workflow without needing to spend a ton of time in the weeds. Enterprise leaders can dictate the direction and monitor updates, then fall back and trust that their AI use is safe and efficient so their teams can focus on the marketing campaign at hand.

Learn more about these six areas of partner expertise on our directory page!

Now you know how partners can take a lot of the admin work of managing and optimizing Jasper off your plate. Let the experts handle all the time-consuming leg work behind the scenes so you and your team can sprint toward campaign success with the power of Jasper.

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