Jasper Event Recap: 10 big announcements 🤯 $125M Series A, Chrome Extension, Workflows, & more...

Missed the Series A announcement live stream? Here's a recap of our convo on raising a Series A, releasing new features, and what it means for Jasper customers.

Published on Oct 18, 2022

What a day Jasper Nation!

Yesterday, we had thousands of people joining us live today to share some exciting news about Jasper raising a Series A, releasing new features, and what it means for you all – our customers.

Here's the TL;DR:

No. 1 - Series A - 0:00
Jasper raised a $125M Series A at a $1.5B valuation, bringing it to unicorn status in just 18 months.

No. 2 - Impact on Customers - 4:42
We’re using the money to build a world-class product and support team.

No. 3 -  Gift to customers - 7:17
We’re giving all customers 10,000 free bonus credits to celebrate.

No. 4 -  Jasper evolving - 7:57
Jasper expanding from “AI writing assistant” to “AI content platform”.

No. 5 - Chrome Extension - 9:26
Today we’re releasing the Jasper Chrome extension, enabling you to write better, everywhere with AI. https://jasper.ai/chrome-extension

No. 6 -  Jasper Art Image Upscaling - 13:33
Jasper Art’s new “Upscaling” features lets you export high-resolution images without watermarks. https://jasper.ai/art

No. 7 -  Three new templates - 15:31
Showcasing the LinkedIn Post Creator, One-Shot Blog Post, and Content Summarizer.

No. 8 -  Introducing Workflows - 19:18
Workflows are a better way to create a repeatable content production process with AI.

No. 9 -  Jasper for Business - 22:36
Jasper is the AI Content Platform for companies, giving everyone on your team an AI assistant, collaborate together on content, and 10X production efficiency. Have a team of 10+ people? Schedule a demo at https://jasper.ai/business

No. 10 -  Annual upgrade offer - 24:50
Are you on a Jasper monthly plan? Upgrade to annual and save 17% plus you'll get 150,000 bonus credits. Only eligible for new annual upgrades. Offer ends on November 1, 2022. https://jasper.ai/150kbonus

Series A and its impact on customers

Yesterday was an exciting day in the Jasper world, but just so it doesn't get lost in the buzz, let's take a beat and talk about what this new funding means for you, the Jasper community.

The future of Jasper is now brighter after the news of our funding, Chrome extension release, and Jasper Art stand-alone product. We also now have the benefit of some amazing partnerships with Insight Partners, Bessemer, IVP, Foundation Capital, Founders Circle Capital, Coatue, and HubSpot Ventures.

So, what happens now?

As of yesterday, we have some exciting new updates for you, our customers. And they're just the start of what this new funding will enable.

Jasper evolving

We're only getting started here at Jasper. That's why we're using this funding to invest right back into our customers through product upgrades and enhanced customer support. Over the next several months, we'll build a world-class team and get all the right people in place to really take Jasper to the next level.

Part of getting to that next level is looking ahead to where our product and industry will evolve. While you've come to know us as your trusted AI writing assistant, Jasper has already become so much more than that through the release of Jasper Art.

You'll see us make the move from referring to ourselves as an "AI writing assistant" to an "AI content platform", because we plan on growing into a solution that solves all of your content needs — not just written text.

Jasper's new abilities

Three new templates

We released three new templates yesterday:

  1. LinkedIn Post Creator
  2. One-Shot Blog Post
  3. Content Summarizer
LinkedIn Post Creator

As a marketer, writer, or business leader, you know how important it is to stay visible and engaged on the platforms your ideal clients use most. You also know how much time goes into crafting the perfect post to get the results you want.

Jasper's LinkedIn Post Creator will give you back that time while also getting you those results — it was trained on some of the highest-performing posts ever on LinkedIn!

Whether you want to create informative, thought leadership, or more sales-focused content, the LinkedIn Post Creator is dream tool you've been waiting for.

One-Shot Blog Post

A lot of you have already tried this one out and, man, we have heard some rave reviews. One of the biggest pieces of feedback we've heard over the past year is that you wanted to use Jasper to create blog posts even faster, and now you can!

We've had so much fun working with the One-Shot Blog post, we hope you do, too.

Content Summarizer

The Content Summarizer helps you get the key bullet points from a piece of content.

We think this template is perfect for our users who want to repurpose long-form content into intro/closing paragraphs, social media copy, landing page copy, or other short-form content.

Introducing Workflows

We want Jasper to make your life easier and a big part of that is making him as flexible as possible so you can fit him into your existing workflows.

That's why we're releasing, well, Workflows.

Everybody works differently, and workflows will allow you to customize and build your own Jasper workflows to fit the way you work best.

Jasper Art Image Upscaling

We heard you — bigger is better. Jasper Art can now produce images in two new sizes: 

2x - 1024x1024

4x - 2048x2048

Welcome to hi-res Jasper Art!

PS. You can also now buy Jasper Art as a stand-alone product.

The Jasper Chrome extension is here

We’ve worked hard on things like Boss Mode to make sure Jasper is a joy to use when you log-into our platform, but writing happens everywhere.

So we’ve decided to bring Jasper everywhere, too.

With the Jasper Chrome extension, your favorite templates are now at your fingertips when you're working in:

  • Google Docs
  • Email
  • Canva
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Webflow

And so many other tools and platforms vital to your every day workflow!

Download the Jasper Chrome extension here.

Jasper for Business

Jasper is the AI Content Platform for companies of all sizes, giving everyone on your team an AI assistant to collaborate together on content and 10X production efficiency.

Have a team of 10+ people? Schedule a demo to see how Jasper can improve your workflow.

Free credits for every Jasper customer

As a thank you to those who have been so loyal to us, we’re giving every customer 10,000 free credits.

And if you’re an annual customer, you’ll get a bonus of 150,000 credits to celebrate this milestone!

If you're not an annual customer but you don't want to miss out on 150,000 credits, don't worry — if you switch to an annual plan anytime before November 1, you can still claim the 150k bonus!

In closing...

It's been an absolutely amazing (almost) two years with you, our Jasper community. All the support and feedback you've given us has helped mold Jasper into the product it is. And we're just getting started.

Believe us when we say, we understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to shape a world-changing technological advancement in its earliest days.

Seizing that opportunity is our whole focus today and everyday moving forward.

Meet The Author:

Dave Rogenmoser

Dave Rogenmoser

CEO of Jasper

Dave is the Co-Founder Jasper, a Y Combinator-backed tech company based in Austin, Texas. He is also a husband and father of 3 boys.

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