How to Automate Content with Jasper and Google Sheets

Turn rows of data into new lines of content with ease.

Published on Sep 15, 2023

Data-intensive spreadsheets and compelling written content don't often go hand-in-hand. One can influence the other but building content from row after row of a spreadsheet can sometimes be a time-consuming chore — or at least it used to be.

Enter: the Jasper API and Google Sheets integration.

This combination is meant to greatly ease bulk content creation for data housed in Google Sheets, which will save marketers, product professionals, and virtually anyone else that works in the spreadsheet platform a lot of time. Once you download the Jasper API for Google Sheets from the Google Workspace Marketplace, you can automate brand new content like product descriptions, social copy, or even entire blog posts for bulk datasets.

Let's look a little closer at some of those use cases, shall we?

Screenshot of Google Sheets with a Jasper command poised to run

What is Google Sheets?

Google Sheets is a robust, web-based spreadsheet platform that's part of the Google Workspace suite. It allows users to create, format, and manage spreadsheets online and real-time collaboration with multiple users. The integration of Google Sheets with Jasper brings a whole new dynamic to working with your data, providing marketers with an efficient method of bulk content creation directly within this spreadsheet hub.

3 Ways to Use the Jasper and Google Sheets Integration

Bulk Product Descriptions

Imagine you have an extensive list of products that need unique, compelling descriptions. You've got the product name, its key features, and even the target buyer, but you need a way to efficiently transform these data points into engaging product descriptions. This is where the Jasper and Google Sheets integration shines.

By using the "Jaspercommands" function within Sheets, you can pass your product data to Jasper and get back unique, on-brand content. For instance, you might use the command "Create a compelling and lighthearted product description that is approximately 250 characters" for two dozen products in a particular sheet.

Based on knowing you want content written around the context of product name, key features, and target buyer, Jasper programmatically generates a unique product description for each product in your dataset. In other words: your team can leapfrog the writing phase and move straight to QA.

A screenshot of Google Sheets with the results of Jasper generating a column of product descriptions based on a command. i

Use Cases for Product Pages

You can turn those new product descriptions into even more content to further fill out your product pages and offer more value to shoppers. Run a command for Jasper to build a new paragraph of use cases for your product descriptions based on the context you provide.

Then watch as you get rows of additional content that provide potential buyers with a comprehensive understanding of the benefits your products offer, hopefully driving more conversions.

Personalized Ad and Social Media Copy

Let's say you're running an ad campaign across multiple platforms (like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) that requires personalized copy for each. Instead of crafting each ad individually, you could use the Jasper and Google Sheets integration to automate this process.

By setting up individual commands in Google Sheets for each ad platform, you can generate tailored copy based on the context provided. Again, this context could include key product features, target demographics, specific selling points, or whatever data you choose. 

Ultimately, the Jasper and Google Sheets integration empowers marketers and businesses overall to create bulk content without extensive technical resources.

This potent combination enables the generation of everything from product descriptions to personalized ad copy, all while saving time and enhancing efficiency.

So why wait? Start leveraging the benefits of this innovative integration today — visit the Jasper integrations library!

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Alton Zenon III

Alton Zenon III

Jasper Content Marketing Manager
Marketing Strategy

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