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How to Automate Content with Jasper and Google Docs

Your favorite chat bot and your go-to workspace are now best friends: welcome to the Jasper and Google Docs integration.

Published on Aug 28, 2023

Selfishly, we’re taking full advantage of our partnership with Google because why not. So now, you can harness the power of Jasper — along with all the brand voices, product content, and style guides you’ve taught it — directly within Google Docs.

Find Jasper in the Google Workspace Marketplace then open Google Docs, click Extensions at the top and start creating with our helpful AI assistant. 

Use everyday language to communicate with Jasper and overcome the dreaded blank page, brainstorm new ideas, build new content, repurpose existing material or have Jasper to tell you jokes while you procrastinate. No matter what your content needs are, Jasper is there to offer immediate help.

Check out this video to see the power of the Jasper and Google Docs integration in action.

3 Ways to Use the Jasper and Google Docs Integration

Brainstorm and Build New Content

Jasper can help you brainstorm your way through writer’s block and hit the page running with new ideas and takes on first drafts. Feed Jasper prompts to give you multiple options for blog topics or titles. Document the best ideas in your Docs workspace, refine them and isolate what works best. 

Then tell Jasper to expand on your perfected topic or outline by copying and pasting it alongside a new prompt for additional directions. Maybe Jasper can offer the first take at fleshing out a blog based on your outline. Or perhaps it can give you extra context or areas to research around a paragraph that’s a little short. Be sure to use the brand voice feature to ensure that every output feels and sounds the way it should. 

Expand on Existing Content

Alternatively, if you have a blog post already written, for example, copy it into Jasper and tell it to write you a series of LinkedIn posts or tweets (“X’s”? “posts”? What do we call these now?) about that content. 

Maybe you need to rewrite parts of an existing draft with the most up-to-date reflections of your business and brand voice. What if you want to shorten the copy across your email sequences but you’re not sure how? Let’s say you want to write a press release based on the details of a new campaign you outlined? Or you just finished a draft and need the copy edited for length, clarity and adherence to AP Style? Just let Jasper know the specifics. 

If your copy lives in Google Docs, you tell Jasper to remix, revise and repurpose it on the spot! 

An image of the Jasper and Google Docs integration based on Jasper creating a mock blog post about an arcade opening

If you’re an avid Google Docs user you now have access to a powerful AI assistant in the margin of your draft. And thanks to the Jasper API, this assistant also has 99.99% guaranteed uptime, access to some of the world’s leading AI models and immediate access to key facts about your products, your brand’s tone and style  — all of which are supported by enterprise-grade security features.

Bring Jasper into your Google Docs workspace and start writing better and faster than you ever have before.

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Alton Zenon III

Alton Zenon III

Jasper Content Marketing Manager
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