The 18 Best Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketing (2023)

We researched the best chrome extensions for digital marketing, content, and SEO. Check out our curated list for details on the top 18 extensions worth trying!

Published on Dec 09, 2022

There are more than 137,000 Chrome extensions available, many of which have hundreds of thousands of users. If you are a marketer or content creator, chances are you use at least a few of these extensions. But are you using the extensions that will do the most good for your efficiency and effectiveness? 

You're about to find out the answer! Let’s dive into our list of the best extensions for digital marketers, SEO professionals, and content creators. 

The top 7 Chrome extensions for content

To get us started, let’s learn about seven of the top extensions for all things content—content creation content research, and content performance analysis. 

1. Jasper 

Jasper, one of the top AI marketing tools, can help with various aspects of digital marketing. Thanks to its 50-plus writing templates, Jasper can write everything from video scripts and ad copy to emails and SEO content. (Speaking of SEO content, if you need some pointers on how to write content that ranks, you’ll love this free search engine optimization course.) 

And do you know what the best part is? No more spending hours writing content and copy to support your marketing strategy. You can write up to 10 times faster with Jasper’s help. Plus the Copyscape, Grammarly, and Surfer integrations allow you to create polished, plagiarism-free, optimized content with ease. 

What about the Jasper Chrome extension specifically, though? 

Amanda Weston, founder of Blogs by Jasper, said: “I already felt that I had Jasper fully integrated into my workflow—until the Jasper Chrome extension was released. Now, I literally have Jasper with me everywhere online. We all know the pain of swiping between screens, or clicking through tabs. Now there's no need for those headaches! I can work faster without having to navigate to another window.”

Jasper Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Templates: More than 50 templates for writing everything from blog posts to product descriptions and beyond
  • Commands: Allow you to tell Jasper what to write in plain language
  • Favorites list: Makes it easy to find your most-used templates


  • All of Jasper’s templates are available in a couple of clicks.
  • As you switch between marketing campaigns or client projects, you can change the selected project in the extension to keep your AI-generated content organized.
  • Jasper can write in more than 25 languages and with different levels of formality.


  • Since Jasper is such a robust and flexible tool, there may be more of a learning curve than with other tools.
  • Unlike many of the Chrome extensions on this list, Jasper doesn’t have a free plan.

Pricing: You can sign up for a 5-day free trial of Jasper, during which you’ll get 10K free credits to test the tool out. Beyond that, Jasper’s paid plans start at $29 for the Starter plan and $59 per month for Boss Mode. 

2. SimilarSites

Whether you’re doing competitor or content research, SimilarSites by SimilarWeb can help you. Do you want to know which sites are most like yours? Are you curious if there are competing sites you haven’t discovered? This extension can help, and it can also reveal high-quality sources during your content research process.

 SimilarSites Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Category Rank: An indicator of how popular and authoritative sites are within their categories
  • Country Rank: An indicator of how popular a site is within a certain country
  • Monthly traffic estimates: Show how popular similar sites are compared to the one you’re on


  • Depending on what kinds of sites you’re looking for, you can sort the results by traffic volume, country rank, or category rank. 
  • You can get additional information, such as trending topics, on the SimilarSites website.
  • The extension shows site descriptions so you can see at a glance which websites are and aren’t relevant.


  • Some smaller sites return no results, so you’ll need a backup tool in those cases. 
  • It’s unclear how countries are chosen for the Country Rank feature, which calls into question its relevance.

Pricing: SimilarSites is free. 

3. Grammarly

Next up is Grammarly—a favorite of many content writers and digital marketers. Louise Donnelly-Davey, founder of Online Business Growth Hacks, is one such fan. Louise had this to say: “Grammarly not only helps me correct grammar or typos as I go, but it also helps me stay on track with my tone of voice, style, and use of unnecessary words! It keeps me honest, makes my workflow seamless, and is priced within reach of most bloggers.”

Grammarly Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Automatic spelling correction: Saves you time and helps you eliminate as many writing errors as possible
  • Definitions and synonyms: Accessible by double-click, so you don’t have to search in a new tab
  • Tone emojis: The current tone of your writing represented by emojis, to help you evaluate whether it’s on-brand


  • Grammarly helps polish your communications, which can improve your reputation and marketing results.
  • You can switch between American, Canadian, British, and Australian English as needed.
  • Grammarly checks most pages automatically, so you can address recommendations as you go.


  • Grammarly’s recommendations on word choice and other aspects of writing aren’t perfect, so you’ll still need to use your expertise.
  • The grammar checker misses typos here and there, which means you’ll still need to proofread.

Pricing: Grammarly has a free plan that makes basic writing suggestions. Paid plans cost $12 per month for Premium and $15 per member per month for Business.

4. Headline Studio

Next is one of the best Chrome extensions a content marketer can have in their arsenal. How your headlines are written influences your click-through rate (CTR). You want to be sure you’re writing eye-catching (but not clickbaity) headlines. CoSchedule’s Headline Studio extension coaches you on how to do that. 

Headline Studio Chrome extension

Source: CoSchedule

Top features:

  • Headline Score: Considers word choice, length, type, and other factors
  • SEO Score: Allows you to compare the keywords in your headlines to those of top-ranking pages 
  • Word Banks: For finding high-scoring, uncommon, emotional, or power words to strengthen your titles 


  • Headline Studio gives you an easy way to look past any biases you may have and compare different variations of your headlines.
  • This tool judges headlines based on several data-backed criteria, like headline length, type, and word choice.
  • Headline Studio provides recommendations to help you improve your headlines and headline-writing skills.


  • Headline Studio doesn’t always account for the appeal of more creative titles, so you’ll need to exercise your best judgment.
  • All plans are billed annually, so you’re out of luck if you prefer monthly subscriptions.

Pricing: Headline Studio has a free plan and its paid plans start at $99 per year. 

5. Snippet 

Are you doing research or seeking inspiration for an upcoming marketing project? Chances are you’ve already come across some helpful resources—but where do you save them? This is where an extension like Snippet comes in handy. 

With Snippet you can highlight interesting sections of text, save inspiring quotes, mark information you’d like to research further, or save images, so you can easily find them again when you need them. 

Snippet Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Add Snippet: For highlighting and saving text from across the web 
  • Dashboard: Where you can organize your snippets by folder, create tags, add notes, and mark favorites
  • View Mode: Shows either a list of your recent snippets or groups of snippets by source for easier navigation 


  • Snippet provides a quick and convenient way to save information and images as you browse the web. 
  • In addition to highlighting text from across the web, you can also save snippets from PDFs.
  • By connecting Snippet with Zapier, you can automate tasks like posting to your blog or social media accounts. 


  • There’s currently no Android application—as far as mobile devices go, Snippet is only available for iOS.
  • Users have reported occasional issues, such as highlights not showing up on web pages.

Pricing: Snippet has a free Basic plan and a more robust PRO plan that costs $3.99 per month.

6. SimilarWeb

SimilarWeb is an excellent tool for gathering information about a website’s performance and visitors. Both the extension and the more in-depth website provide a wide range of data, including info on rankings, audience, competitors, marketing channels, outgoing links, and technologies. You can use this information to see how your website stacks up against competitors or to plan fresh marketing strategies. 

SimilarWeb Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Traffic graph: Shows fluctuations over the past six months to help you gauge a domain’s or industry’s strength 
  • Percentages: Show how much of a site’s traffic comes from organic search, email, ads, and other sources 
  • Geography: Shows where the majority of a website’s visitors are in the world 


  • The Audience, Ranking, and Competitor portions of the analysis can be helpful for your content writers.
  • Patterns across competitor sites will help you set benchmarks, find promising channels and tactics, and spot differentiation opportunities.
  • SimilarWeb gives a lot of free info, including top keywords, social network distribution, and age distribution.


  • The extension could provide a bit more of the information that’s available on the website, such as whether a country’s share of traffic has increased or decreased.
  • Results for smaller websites that are available on the SimilarWeb website are sometimes not available in the extension.

Pricing: The SimilarWeb extension is free and will get you access to much of the information we’ve mentioned. Paid plans for small businesses start at $167 per month.

7. Google Analytics UTM Builder 

If you’re doing marketing right, you diligently track the performance of your marketing campaigns. Adding UTM parameters to your links is key for gauging performance accurately, but doing so manually is a pain. Assaf Trafikant’s Google Analytics UTM Builder adds these parameters for you. 

Google Analytics UTM Builder

Source: trafikant.pro

Top features:

  • Dynamic parameters support: Automatically inserts the ad name, ad set name, campaign name, and other info
  • Groups of presets: Organized by client, workspace, or other criteria to make creating URLs faster 
  • Bit.ly shortening support: So you don’t have to use long, ugly links


  • The extension does not collect tagging data or browsing history, so you don’t have to worry about privacy.
  • You can create unlimited presets (or groups of UTMs) for faster tagging.
  • This extension allows you to share groups of presets with others so they can share, edit, or export as needed.


  • There should be more written help documentation to accommodate users who prefer reading to using the video walkthrough.
  • The extension doesn’t allow the use of link shorteners besides Bit.ly (not even Google’s URL Shortener).

Pricing: The Google Analytics UTM Builder extension has Basic and Pro versions—both of which are free. The Pro version simply requires logging in with your Google account.

3 Chrome extensions for search engine optimization (SEO)

While content and SEO are closely related topics, let’s check out a few extensions for SEO specifically.

1. Keyword Surfer 

If you’re doing search engine optimization, Keyword Surfer is good to have in your arsenal. Created by our friends at Surfer, Keyword Surfer allows you to do keyword research without leaving Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs). No more jotting down interesting keywords to research later as you browse the web—with this extension, you can confirm immediately whether a keyword is worth targeting. 

Keyword Surfer Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Estimated Monthly Traffic: For each domain ranking in Google's search results, so you can understand the strength of your competitors
  • Content length and keyword usage: Stats for each page in search results, so you can plan your content
  • Keyword Ideas: Shows related keywords and how similar their search results are to the results you’re viewing


  • In contrast to extensions that reserve search volume data for paying users, Keyword Surfer provides this info for free. 
  • You can change locations to get country-specific data for any of the 70 countries supported.
  • You can add keywords to your Surfer collection from Google’s search bar (if you’re a paying Surfer user).


  • Keyword Ideas feature is minimalistic compared to alternatives that show various keyword types.
  • New users don’t always realize this extension isn't a free version of Surfer’s all-in-one content optimization suite.

Pricing: Keyword Surfer is free. 

2. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere—similar to Keyword Surfer—is also a powerhouse for doing keyword research on the go. It’s particularly useful because it gives more competitive information than similar extensions. This includes SEO, on-page, and off-page difficulty, all of which clarify whether your site stands a chance at ranking. 

Top features:

  • Trend Data: Helps determine whether or not it’s worth writing about a keyword
  • Trending Keywords: Reveals topics that are becoming more popular 
  • Long-tail Keywords: For finding more specific, lower-competition, or higher-purchase intent keyword variations


  • Keywords Everywhere is one of the more reliable tools as far as data accuracy
  • You can get by with the free version if you don’t need search volume data or if you also use Keyword Surfer.
  • You can earn Keywords Everywhere credits via the referral program or buy them in bulk.


  • Credits expire after one year, which may not be long enough for users who don’t do much keyword research.
  • If you’re a heavy user of search engines like Google, YouTube, and Amazon, credits may go to waste if you don’t disable the extension when not doing keyword research.

Pricing: Keywords Everywhere has a free version and credit packs starting at $10 for 100,000 credits. 

3. SEOquake 

Do you need to run an SEO audit on the fly—perhaps on a competitor’s site or on an owned web page that’s due for optimization? The SEOquake extension gives helpful overviews of page, domain, and backlink data for whatever web page you’re on. 

SEOquake Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Parameters: Such as Facebook likes, Semrush rank, and Semrush backlinks
  • Diagnosis: Points out missing alt text, suboptimal images and title tags, and other on-page SEO issues
  • Keyword density report: Shows how many times topic-specific phrases up to four words long are used 


  • SEOquake shows a page’s internal and external links, which can be helpful for planning content refreshes, finding reputable sources on competitor sites, etc. 
  • Besides the SEO metrics in the extension’s toolbar, you can view a more comprehensive, free report.
  • For a more in-depth on-page audit, you can connect your Semrush account.


  • Although SEOquake pulls data from Semrush, the traffic estimates don’t always match.
  • If you’re new to SEO, you may not understand why SEOquake’s metrics are helpful or how they can inform your strategy.

Pricing: SEOquake is free. 

4 Chrome extensions for building and managing relationships

There are several extensions that can help digital marketers like you with establishing and maintaining connections. Here are four. 

1. Hunter

Many marketers do outreach. Whether the goal is locating subject matter experts (SMEs), building backlinks, or reaching out to potential partners, finding contact information can be a time-consuming process. Hunter makes it faster—and much less of a headache—to find accurate email addresses. 

Hunter Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Email Finder: For searching potential contacts by name
  • Domain Search: For finding all the email addresses associated with a domain
  • List builder: So you can quickly save the names and emails of people you want to contact


  • Hunter shows which emails are verified, how they were confirmed, and how recently.
  • In the Email Finder you can filter by department, which comes in handy when looking for individuals in a certain role.
  • Even if Hunter doesn’t have a verified email for a person, it will show the most common email pattern for a domain so you can guess with higher accuracy.


  • For companies with hundreds of employees, the Domain Search results can be overwhelming to look through.
  • The maximum searches allowed on the free plan may not be enough, but you may not need as many as are available on the lease expensive paid plan.

Pricing: Hunter’s browser extension is free and there’s a free plan. Paid plans start at $49 per month.

2. Streak 

Keeping up with contacts can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Streak’s extension, which includes a customer relationship management tool (CRM), email tracking, mail merge, and more, makes your work life easier. 

Streak Chrome extension 

Source: Streak

Top features:

  • Streak Pipelines: CRMs within Gmail that you can use to keep track of contacts like newsletter sponsors or SMEs
  • Thread Splitter: Separates email threads when conversations start to branch off into different topics
  • Mail Merge: For sending and tracking personalized emails and follow-ups en masse


  • Streak provides a simple way to keep track of relationships and related notes without having to leave your inbox.
  • Mail Merge can be useful for doing outreach, sending out quote requests, sharing updates with link-building partners, etc. 
  • Streak has pre-made pipelines for different use cases, but you can also create your own basic or advanced pipelines.


  • Some users have reported issues with email tracking.
  • According to some users, support requests are not always handled in a timely manner.

Pricing: The Streak extension is free and there’s also a free plan. Paid plans start at $19 per user per month.

3. Boomerang for Gmail 

There can be a lot of unnecessary back-and-forth when scheduling meetings with prospects or clients. And managing cluttered email inboxes can waste a lot of time. Boomerang for Gmail simplifies both tasks, saving you time in the process. 

Boomerang for Gmail Chrome extension

Source: Boomerang

Top features:

  • Single-click calendar scheduling: So recipients can schedule meetings without leaving your emails
  • Respondable: Estimates if an email is likely to receive a response based on word count, question count, and other factors
  • Boomerang Insights: Uses artificial intelligence to analyze your email writing style and skills, as well as your inbox management


  • Boomerang works for both Gmail and Google Workspace emails.
  • This extension doesn’t just help you manage your inbox in the moment—it also analyzes your patterns so you can improve in the future.
  • Boomerang has both iOS and Android apps for convenient meeting scheduling and inbox management on the go.


  • All paid plans are billed annually—there’s no monthly subscription option.
  • Some helpful features, such as CRM integrations and Toolbox, are only available on the highest-tier plan.

Pricing: Boomerang offers a free 30-day trial of Boomerang Professional. After this, you can use the free Basic plan or upgrade to a paid plan, starting at $4.98 per month (billed annually).

4. Loom

Imagine you need to give your team a brief update or do a quick walk-through of a new tool in your content workflow. Sending an email may not be enough, but holding a meeting may take up too much of everyone’s time. Loom is a useful tool in these situations, making it simple to record videos of yourself and/or your screen. 

Loom Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Screen-and-camera, screen-only, or camera-only recording: For flexibility when you do or don’t want to be seen
  • Full-desktop or current-tab recording: So screen viewers only see what you want them to
  • Advanced options: Allow you to flip the camera, adjust for low light, etc.


  • You can adjust settings, like changing your microphone and speaker, right from the extension.
  • The Notifications tab in the browser extension makes it easy to keep up with actions taken on your videos.
  • Paid plans allow custom branding, password protection, embedded links, and other helpful features.


  • While many Loom alternatives only limit the number of videos that users on their free plan can create, Loom’s free plan also has a 5-minute maximum per video.
  • Some users have reported glitches like poor-quality audio and frozen screens.

Pricing: Loom has a free Starter plan, and its paid plans start at $10 per creator per month. 

4 Chrome extensions for time management and productivity

Last but not least are a handful of extensions meant to help you be effective and optimize how you spend your time. 

1. Toggl Track

A reliable time tracker like Toggl Track can have several uses. For example, if you offer your clients a certain number of hours per month, you can ensure you’re giving them their money's worth. It can also help you plan your schedule, set more accurate timeline expectations with your team or clients, and even reevaluate your rates. 

Toggl Track Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Pomodoro Timer: Gives you automated reminders to take a break
  • Idle Detection: Alerts you when you’ve stopped working but left the timer running
  • Shareable reports: For analyzing or explaining where your time is being spent


  • Toggl makes it easy to stay organized, allowing you to add clients, projects, and tags.
  • You can track profitability by setting billable rates and marking time tracked as billable or non-billable.
  • If you use Toggl with your team, you can see each team member’s tracked time and ensure that everyone’s workloads are balanced.


  • Users have had occasional minor issues, such as the extension logging them out unnecessarily.
  • Although you can allocate tracked time to different projects, there’s no way to switch between workspaces in the extension.

Pricing: Toggl Track is free for up to five users. Pricing for paid plans starts at $10 per user per month.

2. ClickUp 

ClickUp is known for its bold productivity claims. Whether or not the “save one day every week” extension will allow you to switch to a four-day workweek, one thing’s for sure—it will help your productivity.

ClickUp Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Track Time: Helps you understand how long tasks take, which can be useful for setting pricing, deciding what to automate, etc. 
  • New Task: For adding tasks to your to-do list as you think of them, so they’re not forgotten
  • Email: For adding tasks to ClickUp via email, or attaching emails to ClickUp tasks


  • The Notepad and New Task features are fail-safes to keep you from forgetting ideas or to-dos that arise throughout the workday.
  • You can easily bookmark web pages (for instance, while doing content research) or take screenshots and add them to tasks.
  • In addition to tracking your time, the ClickUp extension helps you save time.


  • The extension doesn’t behave properly on some browsers, including Brave.
  • The time tracker in the extension occasionally has syncing issues when you also use the web app.

Pricing: ClickUp’s extension is free. There is a free plan for personal use, and paid plans start at $5 per user per month. Pricing for small teams can be negotiated further by clicking on the “make a deal” link.

3. Bardeen

The Bardeen Chrome extension has many use cases, including marketing. Take your lead generation efforts, for example. With Bardeen, you can automate data extraction, contact information collection, and outreach. Bardeen can even help you create tasks in your project management system to follow through on action items from sales or marketing calls.

Bardeen Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Playbooks: Saved workflows that you can run any time in as few as three clicks
  • Autobooks: Automated actions that are triggered by events or on a schedule
  • Smart Suggestions: Recommended no-code workflows that might save you time based on the website you’re on


  • Bardeen enables you to build custom automations without code, which can save you both time and frustration if you’re not a skilled coder.
  • You can see how much time each Playbook or automated workflow will save you. 
  • Bardeen connects to popular apps, including Notion, LinkedIn, Airtable, and ClickUp.


  • Even though Bardeen is a no-code tool, it would be helpful to have an interactive walk-through and more help documentation.
  • Clicking outside of the Bardeen extension window or switching tabs closes the extension, forcing you to restart your task.

Pricing: Bardeen has a free forever plan and will eventually announce pricing and features for its Pro and Teams plans. 

4. Magical 

The Magical extension is a must-have for speeding up writing. It can spare you from typing out the same things over and again (including your favorite Jasper commands). And you can even set it up to automatically correct your most common typos. But this extension is more than a text expander. It can also speed up data collection for link-building outreach and other activities. 

Magical Chrome extension

Top features:

  • Static and variable shortcuts: So you don’t have to keep writing out repetitive text 
  • Variables: To pull data from websites, such as names, job titles, and URLs
  • Transfers: To automatically fill out forms and spreadsheets with data from your open tabs


  • You can add or search shortcuts by typing a double-slash in almost any text box or doc you’re in.
  • Magical tracks the time you’ve saved since downloading the extension so you can see how it’s making a difference.
  • You can share shortcuts with your team to keep communications consistent, save time, and earn referral rewards.


  • Magical doesn’t always recognize shortcuts when used in Google Docs.
  • The Magical sidebar doesn’t collapse on certain sites, even when you press the exit button.

Pricing: Magical is free. (The company intends to introduce paid plans in the future. For now, you can currently only earn unlimited shortcuts and variables through referrals.) 

Choosing from among the best Google Chrome extensions

There are so many Chrome extensions available to digital marketers. It can be tough to know which ones are the most reliable and which will truly speed up and improve your workflows. 

This list of top extensions is a good starting point. But why not think about the stages of your processes that are the most time-consuming or challenging? Then, you can work backward to determine which extensions will provide the best solutions. 

For example, let's say you're responsible for writing content or creating copy to support your company’s digital marketing efforts. Maybe you don’t have enough time to get it all done—or you don't like writing at all! Or perhaps you love writing, but you battle unexpected cases of writer's block. 

Whether writing is the core of your job or one of many tasks on your plate, you’ll love Jasper’s Chrome extension. It can help you write high-quality content up to 10 times faster! To see for yourself how it can improve your workflow, sign up for your 5-day free trial. When you do, we’ll give you 10,000 credits so you can take the extension for a test drive!

Meet The Author:

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Austin Distel

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Austin Distel is the Sr. Director of Marketing at Jasper, your AI marketing co-pilot. When not working, Austin is also an Airbnb superhost in Austin, Texas.

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