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Generative AI has the potential to augment Sales Teams in ways the industry has never seen before.

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Generative AI - The Future of Sales

Sales Use Cases for Generative AI

Nothing can replace a human in the sales process. But to hit targets, sales teams have to reach a certain number of people. So trying to execute a million and one tasks and maintain a human touch at the same time quickly becomes a delicate balancing act. As a result, lots of sales activities become repetitive quickly. Writing sales emails, sending outreach messages, and following up on FAQs are time-consuming and difficult to scale. Here’s how generative AI can help.
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Generate Outbound Emails
Outbound emails are the starting point for new customer relationships. But switching out company details and writing dozens of outbound emails a day is time-consuming. With the help of generative AI, salespeople can dramatically speed up the process without sacrificing the personal touch.
Respond to Objections
Objections are a common part of the sales process. Not every lead is going to be ready to invest right away. AI can form responses to common questions quickly and accurately so that sales teams aren’t spending their time tackling objections and hesitations.
Create Technical Content
Technical content can be tricky to create, especially at scale. Generative AI can help sales teams write technical content like a request for information (RFI) to gather information quickly and seamlessly.
AI can take complex content from dev and software teams and break it into bullet point prompts or a script that salespeople can use when talking to leads.
Improve Existing Content
Sales teams rely on up-to-date content from the marketing department but it can be difficult to consistently create fresh content that clearly explains the benefits of a product or service. Jasper’s Content Improver template helps optimize and improve existing content quickly and effortlessly so teams have timely content ready to send out to leads.
Communicate Across Language Barriers
It can sometimes be near-impossible to communicate with leads who speak different languages. You can’t expect every salesperson to be multilingual. But with the help of generative AI, sales teams can reach out to leads in different languages and ensure they’re supplying the right information at the right time.

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