How to break out of your AI Pilot Phase

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    Tools to wrangle employees experimenting with random AI tools and unite the marketing team to achieve business outcomes.

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    Essential skills, best practices, and company standard guidelines to align your team while governing AI usage.

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    A framework for curating an AI Council in your company for adoption and maintaining responsible use.

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    Q&A with Meghan on topics such as, "Beyond efficiency gains with AI, what business outcomes have you seen for marketing teams?

Enjoy this session from Superside's /PROMPT AI Summit "How to break out of your AI Pilot Phase" to learn how to help your team go beyond experimenting with AI in 2024 and develop a marketing team strategy and standardize practices for responsible use. This keynote is delivered by Jasper's VP of Marketing, Meghan Keaney Anderson, whose expertise is in brand & product marketing with an emphasis on content team coordination.

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