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October 31, 2023 3:00 PM


CMO Masterclass on Annual Planning in a Time of AI

Your hosts include the Rowan (CMO of Planful) and Meghan (VP of Marketing at Jasper) who will lead you through practical insights about new roles, policies, strategies and budgeting.

What you'll learn

Planning your marketing strategy for 2024 and then negotiating with Finance on a budget that makes sense can be time consuming and frustrating. Every business, every team, has their own ways of doing things... and right now everyone is experiencing a new way of doing thing in the age of AI. This session aims to demystify the process and give you clarity going into the new year. You can download the slides here.

In 45 minutes, we cover:

  • Which marketing performance metrics high-performing CMOs analyze to forecast future needs to accomplish objectives.
  • Setting up collaboration across the organization to develop a 2024 budget that aligns back to the company strategy.
  • How to use AI to glean greater results from the same budget.

At the end, you'll hear some audience Q&A with Planful's CMO, Rowan Tonkin, and Jasper's CMO, Meghan Keaney Anderson. Fellow CMOs asked great questions that we answered live including:

What's do you predict the future of SEO to be now with AI?
How does AI affect my marketing team's headcount?
What is the best way to show Finance an ROI on AI?

We hope this session gave you more clarity on your budget & plan as you gear up for a big 2024.

Not involved in Annual Planning? Send this to your Marketing leadership team to get educated and help you champion AI in your company.

Meet your hosts

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Meghan Keaney Anderson

Head of Marketing for Jasper AI

Meghan is a marketing executive with twenty years of experience at the intersection of digital marketing, brand development, creative leadership, and product marketing. She's interested in tech, social impact and just about any action movie from the '90s.

Rowan Tonkin

Rowan Tonkin

CMO, Planful

Rowan Tonkin is an experienced Sales and Marketing leader in fast-growing, global organizations. He is the Chief Marketing Officer at Planful, where he is responsible for leading the go-to-market strategy and operations.