Annual Planning in a Time of AI

A guide and templates for incorporating AI into your 2024 strategy.

Welcome to Annual Planning in a Time of AI - A free planning kit for incorporating AI into your 2024 plans in a responsible, strategic way. Unlock the potential of AI for your 2024 marketing plan. Learn new roles, policies, strategies and budgeting with Jasper's comprehensive guide.

In the dynamic landscape of marketing, AI has evolved from a novelty to a necessity. Our guide provides practical insights to seamlessly integrate AI into your team structure, policies, and strategies, without overwhelming you or your team. Your kit includes the following sections:

Team Structure

Learn about the emerging roles of AI in marketing and get your hands on our job description templates. We also offer AI skill development paths for your team through Jasper Academy.

Team Policies

Dive into our AI Policy Template to craft your first AI Responsible Use Policy and build your first AI Council with the help of our VMWare Case Study.

Team Strategy

Understand the threats and opportunities that AI brings to your marketing strategy. From the changing nature of search to the rise of people as acquisition channels, our guide covers it all.

Tech Stack and Budget

Discover what to look for in a reliable AI platform with our objective comparison chart and learn how to plan for AI in your annual budget.

Ready to make AI a strategic tool in your marketing plan?

Our guide is specifically designed for marketing directors, vice presidents, and CMOs to help inform your annual planning season.
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