How to use AI for marketing (and the tools to help)

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These days, it seems like marketing teams are constantly on the lookout for innovative ways to educate audiences, attract customers, and hit their goals. And as budget and headcount fluctuate, the need for a solution to “more demand with less resources” is vital to any organization.

Many companies are now looking to artificial intelligence platforms to hit intense goals without the burnout. And even more than helping with your workload, AI marketing platforms can offer more comprehensive insight into a company's customer base and provide data-driven strategies that drive conversions.

In this guide, we explore:

1. What is AI marketing?

2. Benefits of using AI

3. How to use AI in marketing

4. AI for blog writing

5. AI for copywriting

6. AI for SEO

7. AI for email marketing

8. AI for social media marketing

9. AI for design

10. Challenges of using AI

11. Jasper AI marketing templates

What is AI Marketing?

AI marketing is the use of AI technology (often AI content generation tools) to automate marketing tasks, increase team efficiency, and stoke creativity. Example use cases can include anything from creating blog content to sending out sales emails.

Most AI content writing tools and platforms are generative AI-based, which means they are able to generate text and images based on what you ask it to create. How? Because it’s trained on existing data from about 10% of the entire internet!

While AI can help speed up your marketing efforts, you should note that it’s not meant to actually replace any of your team members — it should help augment their work and processes.

Benefits of using AI in marketing

Here are a few of the top benefits of AI marketing:

1. Increased Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of AI marketing is that it can help businesses increase their efficiency. By making the content creation process faster, businesses can free up time and resources that can be better spent elsewhere.

2. Improved ROI

Another big benefit of AI marketing is that it can help businesses improve their ROI. 

Because AI-powered marketing tools are able to provide detailed insights and data-driven recommendations, businesses can make more informed decisions about their marketing spend, leading to better results.

3. Sparks creativity

Creativity is one of the most underrated aspects of marketing, but without it, your campaigns fall flat and don't perform. Still, it can be hard to get those creative juices flowing.

AI content generators like Jasper also offer the benefit of being your brainstorm buddy — they get ideas on the page to help kickstart your imagination.

4. Better cross-collaboration

Instead of operating your marketing channels in silos, AI content tools can offer a central creation hub for your team to create assets that match in style and tone of voice.

You can also quickly repurpose copy for all your different channels and campaigns using content templates.

How to Use AI in Marketing

One of the biggest challenges when bringing AI to your team is understanding exactly how to use it. The truth is, AI can be helpful in just about any marketing channel from blog writing to email marketing.

Let's explore a few different ways you can incorporate AI into your marketing channels.

AI for blog writing

Have you ever wished you could clone yourself so you could write more articles, faster? Well, you can make that happen with AI content tools (kind of).

Despite what you’ve heard, AI isn’t here to replace writers. It’s here to help them. With AI, writers can:

1. Ditch writer’s block

2. Create content briefs and outlines

3. Generate long-form content quickly

4. Write blog titles and descriptions at scale

While AI content tools can help you write faster, remember that it won’t be publish-ready immediately. The content you produce with AI will still need to be fact-checked and edited by a human on your team. Most tools even come with a built-in plagiarism checker to help you maintain quality.

AI for copywriting

Not to be confused with blog writing (longform writing), copywriting (shorter-form writing) is one of the most important aspects of any marketing campaign. But it can also be a lot of work, especially when you’re dealing with tight deadlines and a large volume of assets.

Luckily for copywriters, AI content tools shine when it comes to creating short-form content. 

With AI copywriting tools, marketers can generate copy of all kinds, really fast:

1. Ad copy

2. Customized headlines

3. Email subject lines

4. Landing page copy

5. One-pagers

Another underrated benefit of AI content tools is that they can help copywriters with one of the most annoying aspects of the job: writer’s block.

AI for SEO

Search engine optimization is all about understanding what your target audience is searching for then meeting those needs with content. And guess what? AI can help with that. 

AI content tools can help SEOs:

1. Do keyword research

2. Create outlines based on SERP research

3. Produce high-quality articles at a faster pace

4. Battle content decay by optimizing older content

5. Write blog titles and meta descriptions at scale

AI has proved to be an incredible resource for SEO professionals, but it should be noted that the content you create should still be reviewed and edited by a human on your team. While AI content outputs are getting better and better every day, it still isn’t in a place where it can be publish-ready right out of the gate.

AI for email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective channels for reaching and engaging customers. But it can also be a lot of work, especially when you’re dealing with large lists and complex campaigns.

That’s where AI content tools can help. Whether you’re a salesperson trying to craft the perfect email for a list of prospects, or a lifecycle marketing manager sending out promotional content, AI can help you crank out emails 10x faster.

Quickly generate email subject lines that consistently get high open rates, write personalized sales emails, and you can even include an AI-generated image that matches.

Even customer service teams can get the help they need and personally respond to messages, comments, reviews, and support tickets with a friendly tone at lightning speed.

AI for social media

As social media managers know, social media platforms’ best practices and performance algorithms are constantly evolving. It can take forever to craft just the right caption for just the right platform.

Luckily, AI content writing tools can help quickly create social media copy (and even images) for the social media platforms that work best for your brand.

Come up with dozens of clever Instagram captions. Publish entertaining LinkedIn articles. Write catchy video scripts to go viral on YouTube and TikTok. The world is your oyster.

AI for design

Design is another area where AI is starting to make its mark. If you’ve been keeping up with AI news at all for the past few months, you know how buzzy AI-generated art has become.

Similar to AI writing tools, AI art tools shouldn’t replace your designer, but it should give them another way to spark creativity and produce incredible visuals quickly for:

1. Brand redesigns

2. Infographics

3. Ebook covers

4. Website visuals

And so much more.

Challenges of using AI in marketing

Most of today’s challenges with using AI come simply from it being so new and unfamiliar. The two main challenges we see are getting leadership buy-in and creating processes.

1. Piloting AI at your company (and getting leadership buy-in)

Not everyone has an “early adopter” mindset, which means even if you see the value AI can bring to your team, your teammates or leadership may still see it as risky or unproven.

Look for small ways to implement AI in your workflow and speak up about the positive impact you see.

2. Creating new processes

AI tools are relatively new, especially in the marketing world. When implementing a new AI content platform, it may be time consuming to create new processes and best practices from scratch.

Think ahead of time about how you’ll handle the following moving pieces:

1. Team training

2. Project requests

3. Best practice documentation

4. ROI and performance insights

It’s time to embrace AI

If you’re looking for a way to do more with less, AI marketing may be the solution you need. 

With so many benefits and potential applications, it’s worth considering how AI can help your team hit its goals. And Jasper is here to help.

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